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David Watt Aug 2015
I will throw myself on the mercy of any man or God,
I beseech you please do not break me again.
Do not lead me into the dark.
I cannot bare this burden you gift me.

You give me a heart as fragile as glass,
The softest whisper threatens to crack.
The faintest cold on the air will smash.
Breathe strength and will into my core.

So much fits to pattern,
Already the darkness is hinted every time you turn your head.
Gods give me the power to ******,
To make you love me so completely.

The last time you made me love,
It burnt and ruined all I had struggled to create.
You make me build only to destroy,
You make me crave and cry like the sickest of ploys.

If you give me this in honest intention,
Hold fast his intoxicating affection.
Do not rip open my wounds and bleed me dry.
So broken with no more tears to cry.

Take these words as my most heartfelt prayer,
The Faithlss broken by relentless despair.
David Watt Aug 2015
This morning it broke,
The straining strands ripped in two.
I could never regret what led me to this,
She's the one you will choose.
But she cannot love you like I can.

To wake up and see you gone again,
The cufflinks and watch gone from the nightstand,
Catching my breath breathing out slow,
Till the tears begin to fall and flow.

Used to heal the missing sordid wants,
Then you return to the picket fence and the decent.
Unable to see the decency in me,
She's everything your parents wanted you to be.
David Watt Jun 2015
So sick of being told whats right.
David do this David hold tight,
Patience is an apparent Virtue,
One that has severly missed its cue.

My lust is innapropriate,
Offensive to voice or dream.
My lips are somehow sordid,
Cursed detested and unclean.

Just give me one minute where disdain is not allowed,
Where my life is not abysmal,
Where my love is always allowed.
Where I can be me complete and proud.

Everyday I grow older,
Waiting for it to be safe.
Pleading for my affection to be of public taste.
Frankly so far too many years have gone to waste.
David Watt Jun 2015
Life lived in silvers and greys,
Nothing as vivid as a black or white.
Echoes in empty hallways,
Whispers from an empty bed.

Long ago you said you loved me,
But I was too lost to hear you.
Unable to accept that a man had said it.
Take back all the time I wasted.

In a disconnected minute I see you again,
Take my hand and hold it to your cheek.
Daring myself to take that step,
Open my eyes and see you for the first time.

Fires burn from deep inside,
Catching on browns from Iris and crown.
Slowly your lips move closer,
Then colour erupts from all around.

Soft and smooth and pressure lasting,
Inhaling scent and heat with every lip parting.
Woken to who I am meant to be,
By love and the first kiss a man ever gave me.
David Watt May 2015
Wars are fought for every second.
Lip to lip
Tension and discretion.
Love left bleeding by Desperation.
Watching the reds run till He owns nothing at all.

Battles inside for slightest control,
Eye to eye,
Reflection and dejection.
Happiness marred by Admiration,
Driven to **** what once He craved

Sexuality vibrant and clear in target,
Hip to Hip,
Incandescent and Evervescent.
Innocent slaughtered by Virility.
Forsaken by drink and every instinct.

Concepts that are ancient in our art,
Warp waither and die.
Murdered by those it creates.
So much of what we once held high,
In our values we let crumble and die.
David Watt May 2015
I ask you just once to take me as i am.
No more allusions to what i could be.
wipe away the madeup face,
The tan you wear,
The pout you share.

Reflection I beg your honesty,
Don't show me angles good or bad,
Show me what it is to be pretty,
To love all i see.
To be all i can be.

Lover I gaze upon lovingly,
Vulnerability clear and not hidden.
Hold my hand and hold my gaze,
Take your cue,
And love me true.
David Watt Apr 2015
Breath cannot catch,
Lips that cannot part.
Locked in a death stare daring either to move,
Grab me by hips and pull close.

Waiting for either to weaken,
For that tiny flex,
The subtle give,
Scratches gouged into the varnish.

Lying in depravity,
Bruises where the pulse judders.
Stars dance as the pleasure deepens.
Locked together muscles tensed.
Feral wild and free of sense.
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