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david mungoshi Nov 2016
when your child starts speaking like a sage
you're no longer in a fast prisoner's cage
your deed's done; you can be frivolous once again
and spend time on the useless things that tickle you
david mungoshi Nov 2016
i carry this enigmatic picture of you
and the smile that ignited my heart
on musical french salad mornings
when love and food were such a mix
as no artist can ever truly capture
david mungoshi Nov 2016
morning has come
but there's no calm
as the old sun rises
there are no surprises
it's yet another day
and if i may
i will make it big
in the hearts of others
david mungoshi Nov 2016
curiosity has always killed the cat
and we've always had that little pat
from mother's ever-loving hand
to stop us jumping into the abyss
but oh, the emptiness that must come
when we flee the warm padded nest
to where nobody can do us any good
oh mother, dry the tears of an old man!
david mungoshi Nov 2016
like a soft fluffy mist
adrift a morning blue
hues of time nestle true
to the dictates of  life
and i begin to understand
the evanescence of all things
but therein lies the sweetness
so you were never meant to last
or i to be on an endless fast
life is a frantic little dance
that we do each in turn
and sometimes together
as the songs in our hearts
propel us to a zenith
in the dreams we reach out for
  Nov 2016 david mungoshi
Skyy Blu
Speak to me in a language that, not many know--- Body-To-Body, Touch and let go..... Where we end-up only passion and the hidden freak--- will know . Kiss-Me, deep and work me slow.... Lets penetrate each other---- spirit-mind-heart-and soul! No-Need, to rush--- I'm down from- lets-go.... Lets move and flow.... into whatever-whatever from  head-to-toe. From-Front-To-Back... I got-that----sweet kisses in every crack-you-got-that! Speak, Soft and Tender.... I yield and surrender. Speak, Deep and Firm... I'm wet--- my body yearns. Lets make it rain and thunder too... as we move from ordinary into taboo---- I'm turning you on--- you're turning me out.... That's what it's all about. What, Is this forbidden language---- our bodies screams to's not forbidden just hidden from the weak---those not willing to pay the cost... for ecstasy...... ForePlay ......The Language that our bodies crave. Speak, to me body-to-body.... All's Cool.... No- Taboos....In The Language of ForePlay -----If, You're good no-one-loose. ForePlay---
  Nov 2016 david mungoshi
Like a dandelion seed

you have flown from my reach

When you used to be so near.

The night calls out to you

With siren delights

Guiding you

with illusions of bright shining lights.

Like Michaelangelo's barefooted baby Jesus

I see you run toward a future

Headed for potential disaster

And like the angels

I want to shadow you

To steer you away.

Yesterday seems far away

With sadness I see


Has made you step away

From me.
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