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Nov 2015 · 332
David Gonzalez Nov 2015
Chastity is sexually immoral, suitable only for the awkwardly insane.
We ****; then, we wait. We **** again.
Sometimes in between *******, we get a college degree or a job.
Nov 2015 · 465
She Is A Daisy
David Gonzalez Nov 2015
There is nothing more I can ask for. She tells me go on, forget, advance. But how could I? I ought to tell the world about her - about her elegance, beauty, & joyous demeanor. She marvels me. Nothing ever does. Her long, shiny hair. The paleness of her pigment. Her dulcet laugh.The splendor of her freckles. The perplexity in her eyes. Oh, how they gleam.
Never will this fade.
February 8, 2015
May 2015 · 424
David Gonzalez May 2015
Dawn has its verdict. It no longer awaits. The waters lie still. Ripples no longer permitted. The trees have spoken. They choose to wither.  It's a sad sad world and I lay my body on all there is that exists undetected. Gently but firmly the soul moves on.
Mar 2015 · 500
David Gonzalez Mar 2015
Posthaste after I begin to ruminate and induce myself into surmising that I've finally ran out of thoughts, you appear in some obscure form. Straightaway, a cascade of endless, unfathomable emotions and indiscriminate memories pour into my pool of thoughtlessness.
Mar 2015 · 293
David Gonzalez Mar 2015
We spoke eternally, yet there was something left unsaid. Something words could never deliver. Language is finite. How abhorrent.
Mar 2015 · 1.7k
David Gonzalez Mar 2015
Unremitting prattle doesn't scratch the surface of message-deliverance.
Mar 2015 · 304
David Gonzalez Mar 2015
We went to sea without sails. We were called insane, unhinged, mad, unbalanced, wreckless, bottomless, demented.
Mar 2015 · 418
Ironic Enlightenment
David Gonzalez Mar 2015
Oh how incongruous it is for a dream to awaken a soul.
Feb 2015 · 403
Falacia y Recuerdos
David Gonzalez Feb 2015
Estoy aparte- aunque me alejo, no me olvido de ti.
Feb 2015 · 192
David Gonzalez Feb 2015
Everything on me is mine, except my skin. You are under it and I do not mind it.
David Gonzalez Feb 2015
You don't need a reason to fall in love.
Feb 2015 · 228
David Gonzalez Feb 2015
"When you look at me, you see Her."
'What about it?'
"I seen you two together. You looked at Her and She looked at you- it was a different kind."
"That's the look most people die searching for."
Feb 2015 · 223
David Gonzalez Feb 2015
You were not here, but when the wind howled, I swear I heard your voice.
Feb 2015 · 194
David Gonzalez Feb 2015
Some men aren't worth the bullet you shoot them with.
Jan 2015 · 233
No Longer
David Gonzalez Jan 2015
For my eyes no longer see, and my fingertips no longer feel. My tongue no longer tastes. My cuts no longer heal.
Jan 2015 · 173
Jan 2015 · 272
David Gonzalez Jan 2015
You are not mine and I am not yours- yet my heart remains loyal to you and no other.
Dec 2014 · 208
David Gonzalez Dec 2014
I was the host. She was the guest. *Welcome to my heart. Don't break anything.
Nov 2014 · 240
David Gonzalez Nov 2014
At that very moment, I had 1000 words of wisdom, but none could be uttered for it would crumble everything between us.
Oct 2014 · 831
David Gonzalez Oct 2014
One day, my son, you'll understand why not all trees grow.
Sep 2014 · 281
David Gonzalez Sep 2014
And I was driven to insanity by the normalities of every day life.
Sep 2014 · 678
David Gonzalez Sep 2014
Anger is a platinum *******. It can spark ambition or insanity.
Sep 2014 · 574
David Gonzalez Sep 2014
And that was it. I didn't appreciate people.
Jul 2014 · 390
"Free World"
David Gonzalez Jul 2014
We spread oxymoronic terms such as "Leader of the Free World."
Jul 2014 · 283
David Gonzalez Jul 2014
Time was fictitious when he looked into her big hazel eyes.
Jul 2014 · 472
David Gonzalez Jul 2014
His heart beated to the rhythm of her high heels against the faded red floorboards.
Jul 2014 · 275
David Gonzalez Jul 2014
The sting of ***** down his throat was much more bearable than his heart shattering.
Jun 2014 · 447
David Gonzalez Jun 2014
It's viewing the symphonies of Beethoven as vibrations, mathematical sequencing, and euphoria. Michelangelos' masterpieces as  indentations on a rock.
Apr 2014 · 1.2k
Momma I'm Scared
David Gonzalez Apr 2014
Momma I'm scared.
There's a monster under my bed.
Momma I'm scared.
The boys at school pick on me.
Momma I'm scared.
I think this girl doesn't like me.
Momma I'm scared.
I might not make it into college. Momma I'm scared.
I don't want to move out but I have to.
Momma I'm scared.
I'm in so much debt.
Momma I'm scared.
My marriage is falling apart.
Momma I'm scared.
My wife is pregnant and I don't how to be a father.
Momma I'm scared.
I'm losing the house.
Momma I'm scared.
I've grown my first gray hair.
Momma I'm scared.
Please don't die. I need you.
I'm scared momma.
Apr 2014 · 931
Like These
David Gonzalez Apr 2014
On days like these the sun refused to shine because of people like me. We would rain eternally on the inside trying to wash away the disloyalty and sadness. We walked on shards of glass to prove that we were indestructable, however, we are just as delicate as the very bottle itself.
Apr 2014 · 410
World's Greatest Joke
David Gonzalez Apr 2014
And I put all of my dreams, hopes, and visions in a file; I labeled it, "THE WORLD'S GREATEST JOKE." I locked this file away in a key-locked cabinet who's atoms were binded with the force of self-pity and hopelessness.
Apr 2014 · 289
David Gonzalez Apr 2014
Yet we're stuck with the idea that life doesn't  revolve around us, but it does. You have to do you because no one else will. People complain about the effects of the universe but no one ever wants to do anything about it. We do not dislike the calamities that make you question "why me?" but truth is, we dislike our lack of initiative.
Mar 2014 · 215
David Gonzalez Mar 2014
She loved unconditionally; I could never do something so crazy.
Mar 2014 · 562
David Gonzalez Mar 2014
If eternity had a deadline, the end of freshman year would be it.
Mar 2014 · 640
Grooming In Vain
David Gonzalez Mar 2014
He combed his hair and dressed his best all for the girl who didn't dare glance at him.
Mar 2014 · 319
David Gonzalez Mar 2014
Your greatest conflict is [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE].
Mar 2014 · 249
David Gonzalez Mar 2014
Poets are philosophers with artistic value and rhythm.
Mar 2014 · 298
No Room
David Gonzalez Mar 2014
Mar 2014 · 2.9k
David Gonzalez Mar 2014
Isn't it ironic how one can feel so lonely in a crowd of people?
Mar 2014 · 448
David Gonzalez Mar 2014
What if...
Hell is not a place with fire and demons.
What if...
It's a dark room with nothing but ourselves.

What greater torment can there be than isolation?
Left alone with our conscience.
Boiling and blistering in our wicked thoughts.
We are the hell we fear and everything in it.
David Gonzalez Mar 2014
No one can replace me. Our presence seems to permanently linger. Only those who dented the essence of nolgastic  memories can remain. The others fade in our memories as they had no significance. Others are forced to embrace your absence, a few morn. It seems that to only a few, we were the sparks that composed their fire, the water that nurtured them until their blossoming. But it was only few who noticed this. It was only few who felt with their hearts and thought with their minds. We are gone, like ghosts who romp with the hope that one day their animation may come into play. But our shoes have been filled and your clothes have been worn by someone else. But forever those leather shoes are too big to fill. We have no option but abandon all hope of revival, for our presence is no longer felt, our words are no longer heard, and our names are no longer spoken.
Feb 2014 · 527
Silencing Sounds
David Gonzalez Feb 2014
I came to the conclusion that all I ever do is talk. There was no taste for words in my mouth at that moment. So I sat up on my bed at 3am on a school night. I hear my mothers' pill bottles rattling and my father's almost inaudible snore. My sister sleep talks about her rough day at work and my dog exhales loudly as he changes positions. The fridge is buzzing and water drips outside as the snow melts. There is a high frequency sound coming from the charger across the room. The roars of cars from the express way and the whistle of the wind from my cracked window. Police sirens fade as they go farther and father. My bed frame creeks as I reposition my left foot. My ears ring when all sounds seem to seize. I got it. Something, I'm sure. Now I know why they say "peace and quiet." But that phrase is redundant because now I conclude that peace and silence are synonomys.
Jan 2014 · 545
L̶o̶v̶e̶ LUST
David Gonzalez Jan 2014
I crave your warm skin against mine.
And the tickle of your breath on my neck.
I want to grab your thighs.
And kiss your soft lips.
Feel your peach-fuzz on my cheeks.
I cannot stay and love you.
It would not be fair.
For what I feel is not love,
But simply Lust.
Dec 2013 · 603
The Looping Routine
David Gonzalez Dec 2013
I can't fall asleep because today was not significant.
I woke up.
Today was a waste.
Like almost everyday.
I need something different.
Dec 2013 · 504
Anger Was A Bomb
David Gonzalez Dec 2013
My anger was a bomb.
It went off too soon.
It turned the people I loved into ashes.
It pulverized my dreams.
The entire world heard it.
So there was nowhere to hide.
I tried hiding in the corners of my soul.
Turns out that souls are circles.
So here I am...
Embarrassed and ashamed.
I think it's time that I stop caring.
Dec 2013 · 802
The Rejuvenating Sunrise
David Gonzalez Dec 2013
I wake up every morning and immediately think about the previous day. It fascinated me how swiftly things could change. The Earth makes no promises, but it does offer us a sight. A sign of hope. The rejuvenating essence. The cliche, yet rarely seen sunrise is merely invisible to the Western World. But this is no matter of the subject. The earth itself does not judge. We simply hinder ourselves with the pains of yesterday. We ignore the fact that everyday we can reach our hands farther and hold our breaths longer.
Dec 2013 · 669
Three Girls
Dec 2013 · 515
The Paradox of Judgment
David Gonzalez Dec 2013
What right do we have to say what it is evil?
Or what is good?
Is it our position in the Animal Kingdom?
Or our so-called "Divine-Right "?
Does an ancient book give us the power to judge?
Judging is evil.
Or so in the eyes of Man.
Is our superiority  the greatest paradox of all time?
It appears to be so....
Dec 2013 · 3.7k
David Gonzalez Dec 2013
Is it the hair on your chin?
The scruffiness of your cheeks?
The strength of your long arms?
The thickness of your wallet?
Your word-play with women?
Or the sweat and dirt on your forehead?
What is it?
Dec 2013 · 255
The Stars
David Gonzalez Dec 2013
Oh, How different the world would be if we just observed the stars?
What we might find varies.
Would we be at peace with our common humanity?
Or would we find acceptance?
Oh, how different we would be.
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