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You are on a short board that does not span the deep canyon
A mad crowd a murdererous horde is close -is chasing you.
You run to the
End of the board .
The pitiless mob are screaming
For your blood- are closing in
You see in the void  before
An angel beckoning you to
Come!  Leap into the empty
Space  You have never believed in
Angels.  Will  you  now?
What do you have to lose?  To gain?
But there  is no weigh things
For prudent measure You must act
Know  now with your whole heart
You choose!

"The Winter of Despair The Spring of Hope*
Charles Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities"
Have you lost the one you love?
Does it seem she is not there and
Will not be where you are waiting
Then you are dreaming  Dreaming
Years So Many years it seems it is
Unreal.  Where was it that you lost
Her before the dream began.  It is
There you will find her waiting still
As she was.  Time has not  taken a
jot from her beauty She still waits
For your love.  Take now your Ship
Of dreams cross over thru the seas-
Pass again into the darkest night of-
Of despair till you reach the farther
Shore that was once your Fatherland
Where Love Lives and never dies. Raise
Up your heart like a flag on the fated ship
Let the winds of time take you back to
Land from which you came away- where
Love is real and Truth  is beauty and as the
Poet said: That is all ye needwonderful to know but
Yet know this too you will arrive home again
In this life.  Have So soon the journey,s over
In the blink of an eye you will know it all
Has been a dream that  your love was gone
And night is as good as day til the morning

Remembering Now
"An Occurrence  at Owl Creek" by
Ambrose Bierce
We were walking in a an enchanted place
A great Cathedral like Notre Dame in its midst a
A Renaissance fair played all about us.  Crafts
People were making beautiful artizan glassware
I wanted show her all the beauty of this world but
She kept disappearing and I feared I would not
Be able to finder her but then she would reappear
Again I would try to get her to take an interest in the
Magnificent creations.  But when she looked they all
Would turne to dross.  Then she would go again I knew
Not where and my heart ached so terrible was it to lose
Her.  Then she returned the final time and I pressed  her
Beneath me and breathlessly said I Love You-  It Was
Said without aforethought from the depths of my soul.
tt was thus  I understood that My Love,is the Lord my
God  was a jealous God who was saying show Me: Your
Love.  Put no treasures before m eand I will be yours -
But lest you misunderstand it was sweet and playful to
                               The End
Like a bellow pulsating anxiety fans
the fires of love for only what is lost
Can tell the full story of what is priceless
While Love itself be  stable it  only when
It is wrenched away- when the whale that
Is in the seas leaps from the them that its
Self  is fully felt as the heart of life itself
Just in case you feel envious of the famous
Remember this when you or I die it will not
Be int he news or on the the telly Why?  you
Know  why because there will be no news at
The end of the world if my love not rise again
There is much that you see that you
Do not yet know that you Love  All
that is old and familiar and is rundown
Now parting.  That old man with the
Cane soon you will not see him any
More.  The cobbled streets the broken
Down shanties, the old tresste over the
River.  Shame shame how much you
Disliked and looked  down on it all:
The streets of your home town now only
Memory -the abandoned houses on the great
Estates that you snuck into they had treasures
Of another time always  now-then if you  See
The passing glory of it all is that it is not lasting
As the little prince said you only truly see when
See with the heart with your heart breaking.

To the  old man in the shabby   store who
who sold me penny on the way home from
In the timeless dark waiting
One awakes and His first wish
To know the kind king who rules
Where he may reside where love
Is Sovereign over all.  He sees it
Not nor yet feels only that it is true
A skeleton of logic, a tautology of
Being that where he is all is good
The seed of imdination that even if
Forget still is.and still lives in the
Light that which only perceives its
Shadow. Have you not heard spoken
The Word: "Forgive them they know
not what they do"  For there is beneath
The very beast the child that was and
Still is.  More than this I say that if the
Great world be evil it is but a sham and
Illusion that perishes before the Truth
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