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Lost Feb 2018
I love him.
I love him so much.
And it hurts so bad.
I don't deserve him,
But I need him.
Lost Dec 2017
as i pass these unfamiliar faces
i begin to wonder
about how their lives are
how many kids they have
if they even have kids
whether or not they're feeling the same sonder i am
i wonder if they're okay
if they have eaten today
have they been out all afternoon
if someone loves them
but then i stop and think about my pondering and realize
you have literally no idea what goes on in someone else's life
**** i ******* **** at poems
Lost Dec 2017
all i can do
is think of you
and the way you looked at me
like i wasn't a freak
but that feeling is gone now
its wasted away
just like the love that i thought would stay
i wish you loved me back

— The End —