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 Apr 2012 Daniello
JJ Hutton
I couldn't get over myself,
kept telling all my friends I was dead,
and then you asked if you could sleep over.
I hadn't needed anyone.
But halfway submerged
in sheets, in white wine,
laughing your *** off,
I realized that all the
years I've been dropping
on this dangerous lifestyle,
are worth the expense
if for one evening they
bought me a few fevers
with you.

Alright, alright,
we're both alright
for the moment,
and that is more
than holy.

I could ask for you to stay,
perhaps for you to never change,
but there wouldn't be the hunt,
there wouldn't be any fun,
and I'm not sure if it's love
or time simply not spent alone,
but my breath is light,
my body heavy,
and you're falling asleep,
ear to my naked chest,
your heart
matching my beat.

Alright, alright,
we're both alright
for the moment,
and that is more
than I asked for.
Copyright Oct. 9, 2010 by J.J. Hutton
 Apr 2012 Daniello
Margrett Gold
Our lives are a poem,
in which words are not a necessity
for expression.
Those who choose to speak it
might feel different.
They may look different
than those who choose to remain silent.
 Apr 2012 Daniello
 Apr 2012 Daniello
Needle in the hay stack
The spin of the weather vane
I took a drink of you
And felt heavy to the touch
I lay back on my bed and opened up the dark
I woke up dead
Or maybe half alive
I miss the words
That came from your lips
Poems as mystical as a cloud of smoke
I allowed to twist around my fingers
Maybe I thought of them
Maybe not
Words like forests as deep and as dark
You skip from pool to pool of silver moonlight
Beaming through the trees
Singing a song I once heard in a dream
A bird
A whistle
As you snap your fingers
As you tap your foot
You never trip on
The terrible black roots
That reach up like fingers.
Somewhere far away or very near
You picked a flower
And placed it behind your ear
You sit cross legged a minute
As you drink your can of beer on the porch
You say you feel important and high up
Like angels found you and brought you back
To me
How I see the porch light
Reflecting your hair
As you twirled a lock and whispered
Mars is visible tonight
Red and bright
A shooting star
And you wish

On time with the cosmic dance of fire and color and rain
Earthquake Heartache Lust and Pitty
Your eyes glow in every dark alley
Of this sad quiet city
 Apr 2012 Daniello
Marsha Singh
For the same reasons that I stay hungry
for dinner and tired for bed, I keep my
heart a little lonely for poetry; that way,
I can imagine your weathered hands against
my pale thighs as clinging starfish – my
fingernails, bleached cockleshells washed up
on the barely evening beach of your back.
 Apr 2012 Daniello
It was just as I had drempt it
Even down go the thirst and the red flashing light
It was perfect
Almost scripted
We are only actors acting for no one
The fear of heights and closed spaces
Lying drunk on  the kitchen floor
Counting tiles until
The record ends
With no one to turn it over
 Apr 2012 Daniello
what a shame that
I’ll never truly be
able to capture the
beauty of our own

not in words,
not in pictures,
not in motions

but I see it

oh I see it

and it haunts me

just how beautiful
everything is

everything is unique
and interesting in so
many ways

everything has its
way and everything
has its purpose

everything is as they are
and I as I look out the window
and witness all of existence
I weep at my insignificance,
at my impotency in the
face of this marvel.

But Christ!

*how lucky we are to be
So far in nowhere; in the cliffs of The Universe
where destiny has *** with my dark thoughts
I see the hour where I hide my  carnivorous light
I see the shadows rearing their plan to attack
Where the black rejections look like an angel in disguise
my melancholy waters, my existence blowing truth away

So far from the lips of God; the ones I want to kiss.
Resignedly I walk on a lurid path away my fane
but the History sings lonely tunes, never memorized
In each shade I see  a lonely whisper of Love.

By a route that I take, future holds in our light thoughts
no stopping noise can tame the fierce that I got.
A purple chasm lights nights where my heart gets stunned
like zero gravity all feathers get chained.

By a hidden road where the sounds of my mind reign
haunt in a war where soldiers are an extension me
On a red soil that gives birth to a New Sapphire Moon
I have flown, now with the power of being blood and light.
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