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  Dec 2015 Margrett Gold
Mike Hauser
some days
i'd like to run away
from where i'm at
to another place
perhaps a wrinkle in
somebody else's face
or hide out
inside a crooked smile
where i'd not be found out

jump into an eye
in the middle of a blink
slide around the back
and watch them while they think
after awhile
i would venture out
making my way north
find a bushy brow
change my accent and identity
to a cajon from the south

jump onto a tear
as it's wiped close to the ear
whisper subliminal messages
get me out of here...
"I don't want to make it awkward or anything,
but I had a *** dream about us last night.

Don't get me wrong:
there was more to it than that-
we were having a long and involved conversation
about many potential meanings of Life
and the joys of pursuing One's own creative spirit
as well as some discussion
as to the seemingly cyclic nature of Time
and the absolute relativity
of Consciousness and Reality.

See, it was after that
(and perhaps some red wine)
that we yoked ourselves
in the heat of unspoken passion
and accidentally set the room aglow
with sparks of fervid insatiability
until the Moon took a cue from our dance and song
and slowly went down on the Earth
and the Sun rose over the crest
warming what icy shells
we'd so briefly and blissfully forgotten.

But alas,
for it was but a dream
and then I woke unto yet another;
but I thought
perhaps you may like to know.

I hope you slept well too."
To no one in particular.
Consider it historical fiction.
Margrett Gold Oct 2015
all the pretty pages
etched white and gray
landscapes of my heart on your hands
cool and damp
wash away your smudges,
bundled huddles in the lamp light.
Margrett Gold Jul 2015
am i a little bit nutty
just a wee *** of crazy
warped, maybe.

But no sugar, please
this cafe full of clowns,
drones, on an awning of sounds
i yawn when I'm sick
till my stomach sits
nausea won't close my eyes
I'll stare at the nothing,
an eternal sky
feel myself break into atoms
one by one
neglected by realness
lost in my own particles until I am all prickles
evaporated and dry.
Margrett Gold Jul 2015
Components quietly speak you and I
we breathe sound
down the road,
you and I
wind 'round the wind
and ***
runs us down.
Just like that, its written itself about something else entirely
Margrett Gold Jul 2015
"I do wanna get to know you better but..."
there wasn't hardly a thought
I knew well

bumble bee
you stung well
mouth swollen
read well,
the sleepy prickly discomfort

of go with the flow
it was all yours,
extract more.

turned muddy.
and “I like messy,"
strictly Stopped

but I want you.

Prickly muddy tongue,
I want you

delight in honey floods
rough trees where I've perched upon
still glisten

listen, I WANT YOU

but you,

for you


it's nearly done
Margrett Gold Jul 2015
Sipping on warm green tea reminds me of the sea

Foam at the bottom of the cup
the fizz of liquid, like salt,
that's been boiled up.

Stirring its depths with a sliver spoon
Who knew the sea could soothe
and be consumed?

Murky olive green
and brown slides down
without a sound
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