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Oct 2015 · 716
Daniel Ospina Oct 2015
Hair gray, glistening with wisdom.
Wrinkles carved by life’s ordeals.
Eyes blinded by decades of vigilance.
Ears failing from listening to our distress.
Hands shaking, frail from lifting spirits.
Legs aching for always leading the way.
Throat sore from hours of discourse.
Back curved, encumbered by our worries.
Heart swollen with unconditional love.
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
Time's Curse
Daniel Ospina Oct 2015
Oh, Time, you are my mortal enemy.
Woe to those who wallow in your foul play.
Like a monarch ruling one’s sanity,
You dictate my every move night and day.

From your iron shackles release me now,
A ***** to the drudgery of routine.
For when a youth to you I did not bow,
Coming of age entails pain unforeseen.

Family forsaken as work prevails.
Rest is absent amid hectic duties.
Allocation of your daily wage derails
Your subjects from life's priorities.

Perhaps when I’m senile I’ll smile.
But for now, I will mourn all the while.
Sep 2015 · 735
The Voyage
Daniel Ospina Sep 2015
There’s a saying that ignorance is bliss,
Yet philosophers tell us otherwise:
Beyond our consciousness there exists
An absolute truth no one can deny.

The wise insist that we live in caves,
Our reality a projection of shadows
And that nothing but the truth can save
Us from becoming a herd of cattle.

Thus, we allow the enlightened to reign
So that we may be led to a path of light.
No doubt their judgement can tame
Our oh-so inferior state of mind.

Sheep we’ve become to another pastor,
Each preaching their own perceived truths,
When we should be our own masters,
Refusing to be rendered mute.

Let’s embark on our own life-long voyage,
A thrilling quest to find ourselves.
To conform is to accept *******.
To dream is to rebel.
Sep 2015 · 653
Daniel Ospina Sep 2015
His fingers tap dance on the wooden table
As thoughts scramble within his mind.
His eyes are fixed to the bare wall, perchance,
A divine message will be transcribed.
Misfortune has pestered him for quite a while,
Out of all people it is he who must weep.
He demands an explanation to the misery
That deprives him of most wanted sleep.
But behold, a silver quill takes form before him
And hovers to the bare wall across the room.
With swift strokes it writes with moonlight ink
One ambiguous four-letter word: SOON…
The man almost falls from his chair, all color
Flushed from his weathered face.
What’s the meaning of this sorcery?
What is this “SOON” that awaits?
Will my troubles finally leave me?
Will there be no more sleepless nights?
Or will I soon meet my maker
Who will compensate for my bitter, bitter life?
Shouts interrupt his inquiry followed by
The sound of shattered glass.
The man looks out the window to investigate,
Indeed there's a raging riot amid dense tear gas.
The smell of smoke meet his nostrils, and he
Realized his humble home has caught on fire!
This cannot be! The man exclaimed to the heavens,
Just when there’s hope, the flames climb higher!
He fled from his home, his last possession now a pile
Of ashes, the memories inside consumed and forgotten.
Watching in horror as chaos envelops him, the man’s
Knees buckle, laying on the ground defeated and broken.
Are you okay? asks a little girl, her hand on his shoulder.
The man turns to the silver haired girl and is taken aback
By her angelic visage, which instantly melts his anguish,
Filling the void with the peace and hope he lacked.
His eyelids become heavy and falls into a deep slumber.
He awoke in a hospital bed a few days later,
Greeted by the doctor and a company of lawyers.
Sir, we found something very peculiar among the ashes
Of your home, a chest abound with silver coins and a note.
The man took the note which had one word in moonlight ink,
A word so alien to the man, the word was: BELIEVE
Aug 2015 · 983
The Story of Humanity
Daniel Ospina Aug 2015
As the crowd engulfed me, I couldn’t help but
Scrutinize each person who brushed my side.
Each face unique which tells a distinct story.
Each story with its own plot, climaxes, and resolutions.
Each soul harboring its own worries and ambitions.
I’m overwhelmed by the vastness of the ocean I’m in,
A single fish among multitudes of all shapes and vibrant colors.
My story is merely a page among billions that comprise
The Story of Humanity.
A collection of individual histories that has propelled,
In one way or another, our species.
Every tear, drop of sweat, and ounce of effort
Has fueled the fire that blazes within us.
The Story of Humanity--
Bound by threads of fate,
Inked with blood of the fallen,
Soaked with ardent passions and desires,
Authored by love.
Aug 2015 · 973
Eye of the Hurricane
Daniel Ospina Aug 2015
Why is it that whenever there’s tranquility,
It’s because I’m in the eye of a hurricane?
I feign a smile and display great tenacity
Although my heart is throbbing with pain.
Don’t call me pessimistic; I just know the truth,
A daunting truth that haunts my every dream.
We were born to suffer, and these scars are proof
That one’s character is the spawn of screams.
But here I stand upright with iron valor
Calling out to the ruthless storms of life,
That my resolve will remain unshattered
As I make my way up the summit of strife.
The eye of the hurricane is always watching,
Wondering when we will faint and cower.
Let us show the storm that we are unflinching,
That together we wield raw power.
For in numbers we grow stronger
As our hearts beat for a common cause.
In harmony our shouts are louder,
Transcending all oppression and laws
Which bind you and I to a morbid lie
That peace will never come
And forever we’ll be trapped in the eye
Of the hurricane, always on the run.
Daniel Ospina Aug 2015
Humans -- what a pitiful, parasitic species
That has infected this planet like a
Greedy, virulent virus consuming everything
In its path with no remorse, no reservations.
All humans have a rotten core oozing toxic
Sentiments that engender chaos and destruction.
I’m surrounded by hypocrites with no
Knowledge of the word altruism, blinded by
Their oversized egos and insatiable appetites
For superficial and fleeting pleasures.
There is no hope for remedy; progress is an illusion,
Where the only certainty is our imminent extinction.
Civilization was a mistake. We were better off as cavemen.  
Humans ask me if I hate humanity so much,
Why haven’t I killed myself already?
****** humans.
Humans suggest that rather than lament,
I should be the light amid the gloom.
****** humans.
I'm allergic to futility.
Aug 2015 · 675
Court of Validation
Daniel Ospina Aug 2015
Settle down, the court is in session,
The esteemed Court of Validation,
Where I stand trial for being
And thus must attend this hearing
To seek the sublime opinions
Of the wise Jury of Champions
Who've been there done that.
Please lecture me on how to act,
Tell me how I must dress,
What to say under duress,
To brandish my success,
And my worth attest
To finally be accepted among civilization
With a stamp of approval from the Court of Validation.
Here comes the verdict for the Judge to read.
I'm guilty of possessing an identity.
Therefore I'm sentenced to a lifetime of conformity
To the status quo established by society.
But Your Honor, there must be a mistake!
There has to be another path to take.
Sorry child, this is the only way,
Or else you'd be imprisoned in the Cell of Dismay.
Embrace your fate without hesitation;
Indeed it's a gift from the Court of Validation.
Aug 2015 · 424
Death's Second Chance
Daniel Ospina Aug 2015
The clock struck midnight, and a figure stood before me.
It was garbed in black robes with a stench so foul
That my nose bled while a chill encroached my body.
Who are you? I ask while suppressing my bowels.

I am Death, and the time has come for you to go.
There’s nothing left in this world for you to savor,
And your absence will surely go unnoticed … so  
Come along now, I am doing you a great favor.

Bu-but, why so soon? There’s so much left to do!
What about my family? I haven’t seen them in years!
There’s so much I’ve yet to learn, knowledge to accrue,
And don’t get me started on unconquered fears!

Death erupted in laughter, as if it heard a timeless joke.
I’ve heard that drivel for eons. Please say no more.
For decades you’ve sat on this couch sipping some coke.
You’ve amounted to nothing; you’re a total bore.

Tell you what, I’ll give you one more chance, just one.
Turn your life around -- give me a reason to spare it.
Fail to value your life and your soul is mine, my son.
You only live once, so your life you must cherish.
Aug 2015 · 1.7k
The Rich Man
Daniel Ospina Aug 2015
There goes the rich man walking down the street
With a godly gait and patronizing eyes.
He’s running late for a massage to his feet,
Exhausted from gobbling all what money can buy.

Do not dare invade his personal space;
We’re not worthy to reside in his presence.
If you must speak, do so with great haste,
For his time is precious and of the essence.

Come and marvel at his opulent mansion!
Gather around; bear witness to such glory!
Let’s praise and worship his lavish fashion!
Better befriend him or you’ll be sorry.

But surely when his gold mine runs bone dry,
He will fall into oblivion, left alone to cry.
Aug 2015 · 346
Crystal Shell
Daniel Ospina Aug 2015
Sound the trumpet; ring the bell.
I must come out of this crystal shell.
My thoughts revolve around myself.
Save me; I’m nailed to my bookshelf.

I’m immersed in the world I created:
Ideal, just, and outdated.
Disillusioned by bleak realities,
I prefer to dwell in my own fantasies.

You say I squander my time?
That I will leave no legacy behind?
Well I say it’s not worth it,
Even if assured a golden casket.

Why bother hollering at the deaf?
Why bother waste by breath,
When I’m an insignificant speck,
Who happens to be a total wreck?

My voice is hoarse, almost mute.
Why insist to prolong my pursuit
To speak for the voiceless,
To be a martyr, a putrid carcass?

But my spirit shouts and rattles
To fight all the unfought battles.
If no one speaks, who will?
I’ll just be like those who ****.

Sound the trumpet; ring the bell.
I must come out of this crystal shell.
Jul 2015 · 401
The Price of Indecision
Daniel Ospina Jul 2015
There in the bushes!
A rustling of leaves
An ominous growl piercing the silence
What to do? What to do?
Run for my life?
It might run faster
Stand still?
I’d be a dead man
Hurl a rock?
I’ll provoke it
Pray for God’s deliverance?
Not in good terms with Him
Play a soothing tune?
It might find it revolting
Send forth a thundering noise?
It’ll leap out and tear me to shreds
Offer some steak?
It’d want more!
Resort to diplomacy?
It has no brain!
Plead for mercy?
Hunger has no mercy
Start a fire?
Will take too long
Build a trap?
It’ll most likely not work.
Decisions! Decisions!
Oh, no!
The beast lunges forward
Devours my head
The price of indecision
Jun 2015 · 624
Daniel Ospina Jun 2015
I stare into the mirror.
What do I see?
A sack of flesh and bone
Powered by fear of death.
I lean in to examine my face.
What do I see?
A glittering mask ******* on by
The expectations of spectators.
I peer into the depths of my eyes.
What do I see?
My soul fading after each tick of the
Clock -- a race to be somebody.
Jun 2015 · 383
Daniel Ospina Jun 2015
It lurks in the shadows waiting to pounce
Knocking, knocking on the door of self-doubt
Seizing the moment when your mind is most frail
To whisper the lie that you are destined to fail

How to muster the courage to use your voice?
To stand one’s ground amid the deafening noise?
Fear claims that you have no power to influence
A wicked world flooded with malice and avarice

“Who are you to spark change?” you hear Fear say
A nobody, an impotent soul who wouldn't last a day
In the midst of pressure where all eyes are fixed on you
A slip, a fall, will mark your inevitable doom

“Silence!” you command the ghastly parasite gnawing at your heart
I am in control of my own destiny; I will not fall apart
I forbid you to discourage me from pursuing my dreams
I will not back down; I will move forward, you scream

Fear flees for its life, as if caught in a storm of hail and lightning
It cringes at the sight of your courage, oh so frightening
It melts into the shadows once more
Watching you take to the skies and soar
Jun 2015 · 648
Ode to Haters
Daniel Ospina Jun 2015
Get off your lofty pedestal.
He who is without sin,
Cast the first stone!
Your self- righteous ego
Reeks like rotten eggs.
Hope you stumble on your
Own bear traps.
Looking for flaws?
Use a mirror,
Not a telescope.
You exist to point fingers.
One of these days they will
Snap like a twig.
I’ll make sure of that.
Daniel Ospina May 2015
As I lay myself in a field of yellow daffodils,
I gaze at the boundless blue canvas before me.
Why is your beauty so enrapturing?
I ask Mother Nature.
Why do you insist on giving
Despite the affliction we bring on to you?
How much longer until you give way
To our reckless savagery?

I wait for a response, but none came.
Only the swaying of the daffodils to the
Beat of the breeze tickle my ears.
Suddenly, a resounding wail was heard
Rousing me from my trance.
The heavens opened up and a volley of tears
Pierced the ground as wild gales
Devoured the yellow surrounding me.
Critters scurried for cover from the
Wrath of Mother Nature.

Forgive us for our transgressions, I cried out!
Forgive us for ignoring your plea for mercy!
Forgive us for lashing at your gaping wounds!
Forgive us for stripping you ***** time and time again!
Forgive us for failing to appreciate your tender care!
Forgive us! Forgive us!

Mother Nature looked down upon my contrite heart
She immediately hushed her violent rage.
She smiled and embraced me with sunlight.
The critters came out of their sanctuaries to
Greet their Mother.
The daffodils resumed their dance for her,
As I stood still, awestruck  by her splendor.
May 2015 · 771
The Answer Lies in Twilight
Daniel Ospina May 2015
Time is a witness -- night and day don’t get along.
Immiscible like water and oil.
Either you are black, white, or don’t belong,
A dandelion drowning in a sea of soil.

There’s always an ultimatum, a dichotomy,  
A ****** war of who's wrong or right.
Discord reigns supreme with sole autonomy,
When, in fact, the answer lies in twilight.

There is no such thing as absolutes
In a world as rich and diverse as this one.
It takes wisdom to know what constitutes
A solution to the question of who won?

The answer is not black, nor white, but gray,
A compromise where both sides have a say.
May 2015 · 276
Power's Poison
Daniel Ospina May 2015
Seek and you shall find
A poison as sweet as honey
Cloaked with benign intentions
To right all wrongs
To forge the perfect future

Not all will marvel at your pristine vision
Only inferior minds would dissent
How to clear the path to progress?
How to gift sight to the blind?
Why, resort to the art of deception
Cater to the hungry masses
Caress their ears with empty promises
Sate their primal appetites
For the time being
Only then will your agenda carry through

Crush all opposition in the name of peace
Your way or the highway
No mercy to those who undermine
The Savior of the people
Worthy of praise and worship
What an honor to kiss your feet

You need more, more of this Power
Cannot quench this thirst
The narcotic to rule them all
What has this poison done to you?
Look what you’ve become
A vile monster, bloated and disfigured
Cold and indifferent to the cries of those beneath you

The throne is no longer yours to keep
The people have rebelled against you
You’re left alone to wither
In agony, consumed by Power’s poison
May 2015 · 308
Song of Life
Daniel Ospina May 2015
Do you hear that?
That soothing hum?
Subtle but present
A continuous string of sound
Assuring you that all is static, immutable

How about now?
That crescendo, beating at your eardrums ever more intensely
The notes become more discrete
More jumbled
You find no pattern, no coherence
No order
Just as you think the nonsense will subside,
It persists, driving you a bit mad
Tears trickle down in frustration

But behold, there is a faint melody
Trying to dig itself out of its grave
The ghostly tune begins to materialize
Alas, you hear the most glorious symphony
An orchestra of heavenly proportions
Playing in unison as your spirit is lifted to the mountain tops
You feel empowered, like an emperor leading his legions to conquest
You grin emphatically as you absorb the warm glow of the moment

Suddenly, complete and utter silence envelopes you
A suffocating silence that isolates you from the world
Is this the end?
Was life worth living?
Am I truly happy?
The Song of Life must go on

Do you hear that?
That soothing hum?

— The End —