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Aug 2015
The clock struck midnight, and a figure stood before me.
It was garbed in black robes with a stench so foul
That my nose bled while a chill encroached my body.
Who are you? I ask while suppressing my bowels.

I am Death, and the time has come for you to go.
There’s nothing left in this world for you to savor,
And your absence will surely go unnoticed … so  
Come along now, I am doing you a great favor.

Bu-but, why so soon? There’s so much left to do!
What about my family? I haven’t seen them in years!
There’s so much I’ve yet to learn, knowledge to accrue,
And don’t get me started on unconquered fears!

Death erupted in laughter, as if it heard a timeless joke.
I’ve heard that drivel for eons. Please say no more.
For decades you’ve sat on this couch sipping some coke.
You’ve amounted to nothing; you’re a total bore.

Tell you what, I’ll give you one more chance, just one.
Turn your life around -- give me a reason to spare it.
Fail to value your life and your soul is mine, my son.
You only live once, so your life you must cherish.
Daniel Ospina
Written by
Daniel Ospina  Gainesville, FL
(Gainesville, FL)   
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