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Sep 2015
His fingers tap dance on the wooden table
As thoughts scramble within his mind.
His eyes are fixed to the bare wall, perchance,
A divine message will be transcribed.
Misfortune has pestered him for quite a while,
Out of all people it is he who must weep.
He demands an explanation to the misery
That deprives him of most wanted sleep.
But behold, a silver quill takes form before him
And hovers to the bare wall across the room.
With swift strokes it writes with moonlight ink
One ambiguous four-letter word: SOON…
The man almost falls from his chair, all color
Flushed from his weathered face.
What’s the meaning of this sorcery?
What is this “SOON” that awaits?
Will my troubles finally leave me?
Will there be no more sleepless nights?
Or will I soon meet my maker
Who will compensate for my bitter, bitter life?
Shouts interrupt his inquiry followed by
The sound of shattered glass.
The man looks out the window to investigate,
Indeed there's a raging riot amid dense tear gas.
The smell of smoke meet his nostrils, and he
Realized his humble home has caught on fire!
This cannot be! The man exclaimed to the heavens,
Just when there’s hope, the flames climb higher!
He fled from his home, his last possession now a pile
Of ashes, the memories inside consumed and forgotten.
Watching in horror as chaos envelops him, the man’s
Knees buckle, laying on the ground defeated and broken.
Are you okay? asks a little girl, her hand on his shoulder.
The man turns to the silver haired girl and is taken aback
By her angelic visage, which instantly melts his anguish,
Filling the void with the peace and hope he lacked.
His eyelids become heavy and falls into a deep slumber.
He awoke in a hospital bed a few days later,
Greeted by the doctor and a company of lawyers.
Sir, we found something very peculiar among the ashes
Of your home, a chest abound with silver coins and a note.
The man took the note which had one word in moonlight ink,
A word so alien to the man, the word was: BELIEVE
Daniel Ospina
Written by
Daniel Ospina  Gainesville, FL
(Gainesville, FL)   
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