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 Oct 2014 Dani Hill
I was born in
with the gavel hanging over my head;
you were born
the ******* children of the dollar bill.

The seasons turn and you fasten the chains around yourself as I slip soundlessly through the bars.

We started on opposite sides of the board.
I look back as you sit in your cell.
while I run beyond the fence to a freedom you will never understand.
 Jul 2013 Dani Hill
Dear poets,

I am leaving for bootcamp in three days.
I will come back as a sailor and I will still come back as a writer.

I wanted to say that I have adored every minute I have ever spent on this website.
So many words.
So many souls...

I want whoever reads this to remember something while I am gone.
You're beautiful.
You're loved.
And you're ******* awesome.

I will have someone post the address where I am and if anyone hear would like to send me something, it would be appreciated.

Stay you.
 Jul 2013 Dani Hill
Roberta Day
I do not think
this year has for me
the only thing I’ve wished for
since the start of 2013 —
  someone to miss more than
peach scented memories,
  someone to call before I go to sleep
to hear the soothing sound of rhythmic breath,
so sweet, someone to share my skin and my
most personal of thoughts,
  someone I want comfort from while I weep,
and as open as the book I just bought,
  someone drawn to me as I am to them
with the invisible line our brains fill in,
  someone whose presence is as delightful,
as a burning vanilla candle,
and as alluring as a draft of cold air
among sweltering heat
  I do not think
this “someone” is
someone I’ll ever meet
 Feb 2013 Dani Hill
Infamous one
Give my heart to someone else
Like you did
You found love why can't I
Your beauty on the outside
Damaged within
You told me secret so you could be free
No more caring the burden of broken trust
I believe in love not just a lust
A broken crush hard to trust
I tried to be perfect
while you let me down all the time
You say I do and wish you the best with the new
I'm glad to have known you
On my own on my way
My true love is my career
Being able to pave my way with out
Wasting my day but your never coming back
 Feb 2013 Dani Hill
Be careful dear,
I am just a match looking for kindling.
Hopefully you don't mind getting burned.
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