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 Nov 2022 Cormac
My house has two windows
It looks onto stars
It's still and it's sulky
It stands on one leg
I'll think of it soon
In a different bed

My house too has windows
With a crack in the wall
A knack for the fall
Handwriting of age
Feel the skin crawl

My house has no windows
Time cannot tell
Time has no offering
On this I won't dwell
So goodbye my house
You've served me so well
 Nov 2022 Cormac
I want to wake up
In the morning and look out
Dramatically, good posture
Towards the horizon of the day
Chest out arms akimbo
Stretch a light ray
Pull some time….

As 500 serpents curl up to sleep
A crack rips through the entirety of a whole foods shop
One day it’ll make sense
The folding of time
Sequences and morsels of little images
Or memories or whatever
Collective consciousness of a great catastrophe
The glimpses we get that
Come crashing in
The rip within
When you tread on the spongey moss ground
Feels like a fall from a great height
It will be just as exhilarating
But crystal clear
Like a diamond funnel,
Refracting to a point of sharp perfection.
 Jun 2019 Cormac
The Waves
 Jun 2019 Cormac
She stands on a platform made of moss
Gazing from slipper to sea
The day's visual repartee

Her mind made of string
She pinched one end
and p u ll l ed

Until everything flattened out
Except for the waves,
Relentless, heaving and expanding

Rising rising

It's not stillness she seeks
Stagnancy, no
Enlightenment, neither

The string slips into water
Waving along
A momentary burst of unity! lucidity!

Then, darkness
Such are the waves
Perpetual push and pull

Dark closes in
The girl gasps, moss slipping
She gropes for a firm hold

She pulls back, tipping tipping
The string snaps
The waves extend

— The End —