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Cooper H Mar 2016
A week's respite is quickly guilted by the call of institution,
resounding inside our ears, harangued to not be...

beguiled we sigh with inadequate sorrow
tricked into self-degradation, Then finally, we're back
inside cozied up, yes man! Writing down enumerated tasked
unraveling us back to the scorn that earlier was reversed
Under a rough stack of paper
And an ever-beating heart
Under a disillusioned smile
And a blanket of anxiety
That's been pervaded by Ritalin
signed by the future I call myself to...
comfortably numb
Thank you sir
may I have another?
Cooper H Mar 2016
I saw the faces of horror,
Casting themselves away
Chained to the narrow hallway
Cut and pasted the picture which had copied jimmy's copy
To my left was more of the same,
less malice
Equally unsure, in a frame
Straight ahead illuminated gravel, unencumbered
Wind and snow, sun and flowers
A couple of steps, I turned backwards, Afraid I'd see the same every step along the way
Cooper H Oct 2015
Not enough time to get down to it
Stuck in goo
Got to do that
got to do this
No ***** to quit
Drained from days of doing
Doing what they say seems fit
Doing to do
dumbing down death
Caught up in causes
Immersed in effects
Can't stop the fear
can't seem to listen
Paradoxical at best
shouts of praise, detest, and jest
Always given praise to the ones who know themselves the best
Without fear Or Impurity
You may call them lazy but they do and they do not
and its all in respect
But it doesn't change
The ****** cry
Ive had all of this time
Never known the way the world go
Never known why I don't go
Never known where I can go
Cooper H Oct 2015
Rhythmically swimming into the deep abyss of this weird world
Our weird world
Their lies a nebulous of unknown creativity
Invisibly bloodying sadly shallow water
And until I drown
In the shallow salty water
I cannot drown the things that make me frown
Albeit problems I have, mistakes I've made, grievances I've kept
I'll never truly know
The life I could live
Insecurity is my disease
Insecurity is my cure
Sanctifying malignance molds me
Makes me madly married to anxious uncertainty
And what ever happened to simplicity?
What ever happened to the world I haven’t known?
Waking up to witness a white-washed will and
Waking up and wishing I could swim back in time
To the salt of the water
To the shallow of the brim
To the  world of untapped love
Cooper H Oct 2015
Muddy Muddy Monday

Cold air
Cold glare
Lurking on a window that shields our felt insecurity
Summertime we all come to
We all come together then unravel apart
I am a man for a short bit then I quit
And retire
Retire to regimented round the clock lonesome longing of money and a schedule, scheduled schooling of sorrow
Growing up I,
I'm utterly useless
I’m painfully plain
This become the real repetition
The depiction and depression in the U.S. Of A
It's simple
And simply it's dull and sad it's melancholy at its finest
And this carnivorous cancer grows calculatedly sneaking steadily and processing with prowess
And Lexus lingers after Lexus near our neighborhood of suburban sadness,
Sorrowful slumps stuck in sand
Succumbing to ******* the life out of myself muddling through murky days
And this depressive digression into normal no-thing-ness that does not know nothing
But private school privilege pressuring me till I press my heart and it pops
Mundane money Monday murdering my mind mother and might
Monday each day
Becoming Monday
My mothering Monday
My absent adolescence
Cooper H Oct 2015
Dejected and doleful I'm alive I'm a man, as you Carry me in your cradle
pour me out with your ladle into chicken noodle soup
Another time around and we've both had enough  
But you dangle me more and I'm small
And although I Don't know what it means at all
it truly is all all
And it truly is mine
it's what I want it's and its what I need
So I do guess This is life
And survive
I know today and that's ok, new today
Hanging on with a trying grip
Little baby boy In his tiny careless nest
Nothing less
the rest Of your little baby boys And your little business men and your combed haired combed mind
In the soup of consumer culpability
and commercial tranquility
And I cannot wake from this happy soothing nightmare of more money and more mine more mine
But alas I awake and I do arise into peripheral plausibility of the nightmare that's mine the nightmare that's mine
Cooper H Oct 2015
Oh they remark of the good old times
Times without a time
No lines to be lies
No lies to be mine
No mine that isn't yours
No yours that isn't mine
No you but us
No I but we
No friend that doesn't love we endlessly
No joke without a laugh
No laugh without a smile
No smile without a fervent flame
It tells you nothing will be the same
And Nobody saying no
To careless so and so
Yes to possibilities
Yes to tranquilities
Yes to good old times
Yes to good old cries
Without the nostalgic crime
Of the good old times
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