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 Jun 2016
Paul Hardwick
Let me split the words down for your mind

Space is room
Space is the distance from there to here
Space is your room, your head
Space is what you conceive for you
Space is all you think to be true
Space is distance
Space is small
Space is no Space at all
Time is Man Given
just to explain space
and the time we spend there
who we meet
those we love
those we don't
is no time at all.
True   Love P@ul. ***.
 Aug 2015
Paul Hardwick
When I awoke today
while walking down the street
and looking at my feet
it came across my mind
as the sun beat down
I was looking at yesturday's shadows
when your shadow walk next to mine
and seamed to make me feel whole
and now that shadow was just mine
and feeling the hole within my soul
I longed for yesterday's.
Positive and negative both at the same time     P@ul.
 Apr 2015
Paul Hardwick
Th@t's wh@t I am
head full of dre@m's
I do not stay @nywhere long
I he@r your words
But I @m the Tr@velling M@n.
True Story just @ ******  P@ul.
 Apr 2015
Paul Hardwick
Now when I call it the Village
well thats what
my mom calls it
but really its urban space
so today I walked around it
the first road
I came to has speed bumps
according to signs they are twined with towns in France
it called Hob Moat
and a moat it has
known to me as the woods
spent many happy hour riding up and down those hills
but the way it got built up
it's not a village
walk through the woods you get shops
which have change over time
there are two churches
one new bit like a carbuncle
a blot on the landscape built in the 60s
man they where so on drugs
what was in there heads
the other old
I got baptised there so did my brother
went to sunday school
they gave out stamps each time you attended
but within 20 mins you can walk
into countryside
but now I find that is changing to
why do we **** every thing up?
True Story just today         P@ul
 Apr 2015
Paul Hardwick
Dear God,
In your head
are ready for this?

do you want me to ask you why
why I am like I am
come on God join the crowd
lets play some ball
shoot at that far end wall
after we can head to the local bar
drink some
maybe play some guitar
ok you are good at drums
everthing happens
God do you smoke
no I mean like the **** man
nice after coke seams to bring you back down
witch girl would you ****
say no more
God I am so drunk
time to take you home
before you drop me off
I am sure I had a question to ask you.
well keeps happing to myself
 Apr 2015
Paul Hardwick
Man I was there
that night when your mind
went into melt down
did not know
you had that fight in you
sort of shame me
built up castles of these times
now I running out of control
mind free
now the court ask me
was this man helping himself
I was there man thats how it went down
all I could say It was
mirror it any why
the reflections will tell you so.
True story  Regards to paul        :-)    P@ul.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
Hear all the guitars
hear the words
i still remember when saw your face
think that day
I feel in love with you
I am so confused
I can't believe this is true
the way your smelled
makes my heart melt
fear as cripples me inside
so funkadelic
it's the way you
walked into the room
stood by at the bar
scented up my leg
winked at me and smiled
done me in
mess with my funkadelic brain
I winked back
you giggled
just wanted to kiss you there
and hold you
feel your presence
see how close you are to my heart
Just another Funkadelic Dream.
goosing my own mind here    True            P@ul.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
Some day's
all the people talk to
let go
tell me things
just tears @ my heart
and all I can do is continue to be free
just building castles of sand on the beach in the dark
so I go on and just be free me
but it cuts me deep
and my heart bleeds.
True story     P@ul.     bring your own bucket.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
I like flowers
but I am as strong as man
that never cry's
but I offen do
on nights when alone
the men are not the strong
for it takes
a woman to hurt one
first they play with your heart
then your ******* mind
then one day
when you lest expected
they stab you in the heart
so woman
if you ever get to my bedroom
leave all your weapons outside
and just be woman.

Don't Play with my heart.
So true          P@ul.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
It's time
to stop sitting on the fence
It's time
get this world together
It's time
to give your sister a kiss
It's time
To make new toys for the kids
It's time
to get back to reality
It's time
for politicians do not do enough
It's time
to give them the boot
It's time
to restart your computer
It's time
to look @ things new

Between me and you
IT 's   T  I  M  E.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
Foreign country
all I want to do is pray
smell the jose stick
and incense in the air
fall down on my knees
in front what I think the altar
pray give GOD my pray's
my GOD blessed me
then go about
my life
smelling kind of funny all day
and I think I bruised a knee
True Story   Funny what the memory gives me     P@ul.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
Apollo was
mans greatest quest
and not a Greek God.
sitting on top
of a beast
to go
feeling the
pressures of man
outer space
human race
to boiling blood
done for
human kind
in perfect
in the moon
Man is not
then home
Love to Apollo crews      P@ul.
Just sent my poem to NASSA wonder if they will reply
or will I be looking out for men in dark sunglasses!
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
I know this nurse
called Olivia
on my dying day
I get one of those
happy to push the pipes back
when I pulled them out
and when
compi mentis
feed me by mouth
and tell me
what old fool I am
for the nurses
are princesses.

Just for you Livi.

With regards P@ul.
True Story  P@ul.
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