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 Feb 4
Mohd Arshad

Give me permision to read you
 Feb 3
Mohd Arshad
You and me
Two rails of a railway track

So close
Still apart forever
 Feb 2
Mohd Arshad
Who is there?
Oh, it's Winter on the pyre!
Who are groaning?
Oh, Frost, Fog and Snow
Are on the galloping gallows!
He would bounce back I know,
But I don't care about Phoenix.
Everyone is glad for the golden days.
Let us go out to sip this beauty!
Don't you see the day is delicious!
See! See! See!
Earth is wearing gleaming-grass;
Daffodils are unfolding
Their golden-yellow cheeks;
Bluebells and daisies are dancing in joys.
Hear! Hear! Hear!
Swallows are fluting their rhymes;
And cuckoos are playing their sweet tunes.
Now I pine for taking
Purple hyacinths from those
Whose hearts are pricked
By my thorny words.
Let us dole out
Snowdrops, lilies and poppies to everyone;
And to you I will give tulips.

Let us cheer
Like the cheering cherry blossoms!
 Jan 2022
Mohd Arshad
In every leaf that
Falls, agony lies hidden;
We dont hear, we watch.
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad
Without poetry,

Society is an autumn tree
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad
Without sorrows

Who would care of our tears?
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad

       At my window

I kiss
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
Is not an incidence

It's a long process of being disciplined......and sacrificing desires.
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
Failure is the door
Through which success enters
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
It was horrible!

All persons were rejoicing in dance
While the Geeta was sobbing in the room
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
The dullness of life
Lies in not enhancing knowledge......
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
Like dews resting
                   On petals

Like snow
                  Holding fingers of leaves

Thy memories were shining
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
Your true capacity is to discover the truth
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