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 Nov 2015
Paul Hardwick
Come on buy a time share in my head
there's no other place to be
who's knows where it will take yah!
come on dream with me
pay your money and lets go
you know it makes sense
and all those placeses you've never or i have yet been,
yet to be visited
buy that time in my dreams of mine
come on buy a time share in my head
my limited look at time
that all fits into my head
so just sign on the dotted line


Come on buy a time share in my head.
Limited offer just for Black Friday when I get up just after 2.
***.  one for surrealist P@ul.
 Nov 2015
Paul Hardwick
My mind
is like a room
with a view
painting pictures of you
so I can bring them back to me
make me just feel
to carry on
Out here I do not feel comfortable b
                                                               ­      a
                                                               ­             l
                                                  ­                        a
                                       ­                                             n
                  ­                                                                 ­        c
                                                               ­                         e
                                      ­                                                d

      g time
Over which that. that that is
T        i             m             e

**** I have fallen off

Just joking


found that in my own picturegramm.
 Oct 2015
Paul Hardwick
I am one who knows
but words feel so
I paint them in my head first
but being so struck seured
they leave nothing to be sure of
B                     U                     T
W      I L              L

But forgive me
if I get it all
Turtle soup    P@ul.
 May 2015
Paul Hardwick
She reads at night of the story of it all
before it happens
but written down
in the ethos of all
a feeling of heat a
hand burned here
sat back watching a film
they said things over there
she  did  not   hear
fly me on my way


$$$$$      That s   it       $$$$$
$$$          hold           $$$
my hand
I will be your lover
I can't feel nor see what I am
Or what I might be, so take me home
Make me your lover hold me tight
I will think more tomorrow.
True  P@ul.
so surreal.
 Apr 2015
Paul Hardwick

Is the liking
as she holds you so sweet
kisses your brow.


Ow is the love
you felt
Right at that moment.


Vy is the victory
as you made ***
mostley with yourself.


E's are
the eternity
You find yourself in.
True story according to   >   P@ul.
the best thing i have written in years.
 Apr 2015
Paul Hardwick
Th@t's wh@t I am
head full of dre@m's
I do not stay @nywhere long
I he@r your words
But I @m the Tr@velling M@n.
True Story just @ ******  P@ul.
 Apr 2015
Paul Hardwick
Now when I call it the Village
well thats what
my mom calls it
but really its urban space
so today I walked around it
the first road
I came to has speed bumps
according to signs they are twined with towns in France
it called Hob Moat
and a moat it has
known to me as the woods
spent many happy hour riding up and down those hills
but the way it got built up
it's not a village
walk through the woods you get shops
which have change over time
there are two churches
one new bit like a carbuncle
a blot on the landscape built in the 60s
man they where so on drugs
what was in there heads
the other old
I got baptised there so did my brother
went to sunday school
they gave out stamps each time you attended
but within 20 mins you can walk
into countryside
but now I find that is changing to
why do we **** every thing up?
True Story just today         P@ul
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
Hear all the guitars
hear the words
i still remember when saw your face
think that day
I feel in love with you
I am so confused
I can't believe this is true
the way your smelled
makes my heart melt
fear as cripples me inside
so funkadelic
it's the way you
walked into the room
stood by at the bar
scented up my leg
winked at me and smiled
done me in
mess with my funkadelic brain
I winked back
you giggled
just wanted to kiss you there
and hold you
feel your presence
see how close you are to my heart
Just another Funkadelic Dream.
goosing my own mind here    True            P@ul.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
Some day's
I find no truth
in    what is my    own
feeling     limp    and       numb
finding            nothing         in        my         own       words
but                     still                 my life goes on
so         I write          them down
in hopes
will come
on your
atomic words
an explosion
not unlike
just getting
old here
True story      POW!       P@ul.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
It's time
to stop sitting on the fence
It's time
get this world together
It's time
to give your sister a kiss
It's time
To make new toys for the kids
It's time
to get back to reality
It's time
for politicians do not do enough
It's time
to give them the boot
It's time
to restart your computer
It's time
to look @ things new

Between me and you
IT 's   T  I  M  E.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
Foreign country
all I want to do is pray
smell the jose stick
and incense in the air
fall down on my knees
in front what I think the altar
pray give GOD my pray's
my GOD blessed me
then go about
my life
smelling kind of funny all day
and I think I bruised a knee
True Story   Funny what the memory gives me     P@ul.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
F          orever
R                eal
E  chos in my
life is     E                         lectric.
Thanks P@ul.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
Apollo was
mans greatest quest
and not a Greek God.
sitting on top
of a beast
to go
feeling the
pressures of man
outer space
human race
to boiling blood
done for
human kind
in perfect
in the moon
Man is not
then home
Love to Apollo crews      P@ul.
Just sent my poem to NASSA wonder if they will reply
or will I be looking out for men in dark sunglasses!
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