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 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
Like me
Do I care
THis night
People like me
mostly on my own
cofirm to me
I am like this you see
sort come to me natural
when all my thoughts
are       far           away
with people I know
People like me
are better off
on there own.
Dream sequense of Words in inamging me.
imagin my watch words on your arm.

Thanks for reading P@ul.
 Mar 2015
Paul Hardwick
You left me right                                                   Now not taking sides
you did what you                                                 Deep down i knew
wanted to do                                                         You did it without secound  
                                                       ­                          thought
never think                                                            ­ How I would feel
what you meant to me                                          I was RIGHT!
True                                                                                    P@ul.
 Feb 2015
Paul Hardwick
let me introduce
myself for I'mmmmmm
>                                                  <
and  T  I   M   E.
True story         >P@ul<
Thaw out icy feelings
On Valentine's;
Hearts become frozen afterward.
 Feb 2015
Paul Hardwick
stop skipping at all
for his heart was no longer in it
at that SKip Hopped.
TRue STory   P@ul.
 Jan 2015
Paul Hardwick
Corn flakes in the morning
Snow flakes at night.
True P@ul.
 Dec 2014
Paul Hardwick
Don't go you will make me cry
Don't go and leave me like this
I am not good on my own
Don't tell me this, don't
Don't break my heart
I am not good at telling you how I feel
so please don't.
Was a true story              P@ul.
Would you still love me:
If the sun prevents its light
And the moon its glow at night,
That all at once becomes gloomy?

Would you still love me:
If all things awry go
And nothing at all to show,
But a good token of misery?

Would you still love me:
If my arrow cannot kiss
Thy waiting bow's release,
To have a bout of ecstasy?

Would you still love me:
If medical reports say "cancer "
That has no surgical answer,
Or another form of infirmity?

Or would you only love me:
If my life wields a touch of Midas
With the revelry of Las Vegas--
All sublime, all sweet, all rosy?
Born a boy; now a man of men.
A son of Omu-Aran becoming the
Bishop of the world, who his mom
Nurtured and cultured by his granny.

A benign brook belittled yesterday
Has turned to a blessed flowing sea;
Small molehill becomes an Everest
In the sight of many a jeering enemy.

Bishop, God called to ascendancy
By favour: getting glory from grace.
To make his humble name legendary,
Heaven did set him apart for the race.

David Oyedepo, like David the king,
Is truly "a man after God's heart":
Of his goodness and love does he sing;
His passion he has from the very start.

Jesus Christ, the Bible and Faith alone
His breath and bread are; anointed
Books and tapes his ice cream cone.
In all circumstances he's oft elated.

Life of meaning isn't in number told,
But by deeds yonder the present:
All men were born; few do die
Great--for most live for the moment.

A diamond impact, like Papa's, will
For ever shine like stars in the sky,
Which the entire kingdom of the devil
Can never obscure its effulgence high.
Bishop David O. Oyedepo @60 (September 27, 1954-)

President and the Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church, Inc., Worldwide
 Sep 2014
Paul Hardwick
Full Point did stop.
stopped at the end though.
just like that.
see I told you so.
at the end the full point did stop                                 .
True Story       P@ul.
Let no mouth your brain believe.
Sift from wheat
Every chaffed words with sound

Judgment. Praise you will receive
Surely of men,
But balance your head aground.

For blarney do quickly persuade,
Swiftly a lady's heart off course,

By calling teffeta the best brocade,
Placing for ruin
A fool upon a regal, gammy horse.
 Jul 2014
Paul Hardwick
for from this sludge we came out
weather you are black pink or more yellow man
thats where your life began
red, yellow brown or white Black os just sunburned
There we came that night
You and me.
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