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 Dec 2014
Christmas lights dangling
from the roof to the floor.
Mistletoe hung up on the door.
Christmas is coming get up
and decorate your lane.
Don't leave it blank and
plain. Rudolf's nose is
pomegranate red. Must
be from the cold the people
said. Hang the socks up
stuff them with candy
and be a little handy.
Gingerbread cookies
aren't baked yet. Should
we worry or just get in
a hurry. Christmas is
coming. Christmas is
coming. Oh Karl would
you get the door i think
i can hear Christmas
Oh dear the cookies aren't baked yet
And I’m looking bad too

Stop worrying about that honey
I’m always here for you

Oh don’t forget to set the mistletoe
On our old oak door

Right so please stop worrying
I’ve place the socks too

Come on now, come on now
We got to go
There’s tons of discounts
For us on that store

Can’t we just stay, just stay
Inside of our house
I’m freezing cold now
So timeout of this winter wonderland

So now it’s 12MN
People outside are calling “Yoo-Hoo”!
Come out now
‘Cause it’s quite lovely
To stroll around with you

Let me drink this med
Then I’ll come with you
Though I’m kinda sick
Let us enjoy the evening view

Settle down with me and help
me out with this eggnog. We can
gather around the tree instead of
strolling out endlessly and free
while the snow falls on our blood
red cheeks. Dinner is ready on the
stove. Tell me if it’s well cooked
or a bit raw. The Holidays make
the adrenaline kick in. That explains
why we’re over stressing on everything
since the day had begun. Now settle
down *** and sip your eggnog with
me while I turn on the lights on our
lovely Christmas
tree** ~
K Chua in italics
Carolin in bold
Hey HP people
It's our 2nd collaboration together :)
He's a talented writer ...
From all parts of world
Happy holidays
From Carolin and K Chua
All the best to you!

Check out K Chua's link below

— The End —