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 Nov 2023
ok okay
I have felt the cold of the moonlight
But it still keeps me from falling when it rains

I have seen brighter days
When the sun comes out to play
And your problems melt away
Maybe my smile will be back one day
But for now
It has decayed

For all I know I am lost in time
In an everchanging maze
But in some time I know
I will find the brighter days
 Apr 2022
My Dear Poet
I’m tired of collecting the tears
that the sun never dries
I’m resolved to chasing the wind
let the breeze blow my eyes
I’ve decided to fan my fears
and live while I’m alive
breathe as much fire
and burn till I die
 Feb 2022
Stephen E Yocum
You can lead a fool to reason,
but you cannot make him think.
It seems this is where
we find ourselves these
days, or has it always
been that way for we
silly over complicated
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