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 Oct 2010
Dead dog sleepin',
Lyin' down.
All limp, and melted
On the ground.

A twitch, a snort
A slurp, a *****.
Seems to me,
You've got it ruff.

On rocks or mud
Or feathered-down,
This dead dog's sleepin',
Lyin' down.
 Oct 2010
They came in the night- unannounced
Seering pain that tore my heart
This is it,   I,m going to die
No wait, ... its just another ****
Heidi 2010
 Oct 2010
I stood next to this guy, today
         And had to give him props.
'Cause when I farted next to him,
         He didn't call the cops.
My death-by-smell he did ignore,
         He even had me laughing!
When he said how he enjoyed
        A truly public gassing!
Sometimes my brain, it does very silly things...

— The End —