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 Apr 2014
cheryl love
Have you booked your holidays yet?
Because we are off to the moon.
Mum found a very good deal at the shop
And we blast off Tuesday afternoon.
Dad’ll be shocked when we tell him
I wonder just what he’ll say?
We have some organising to do
And Mum will have to go and pay.
Dad’ll freak when he knows the cost
He will have one massive fit.
Mum said she will tell him gently
So perhaps he will come round a bit.
When he found out he went a bit mad
Shouting that we all cannot go there.
Searching in his wardrobe
Explaining that he had nothing to wear.
Mum said it was too late, it had been paid
We are all going to the moon
Nothing can be done about it now
And we blast off Tuesday afternoon.
 Apr 2014
cheryl love
As a watercolour artist
I drift into my world of colour
Watery stains from an indigo blue
An icy drop springs into view
A transparent green
nowhere to be seen
Has merged with umber
and for a tree to slumber
Wide awake, stand by your bed
here marches a military red
Stiff upper lip has he
as he merges with blue for a tree
Shadows passed, a ray of gold splashes
in the well, into the watery washes.
The long paint driven brush
has now seen quite enough
So it is back to the pallette for a while
Well for me, I am left with a smile.

— The End —