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 Oct 2014
Evergreen Pines
i have two families;
one i'm very close to,
the other i'm related to.

My blood family i see everyday.
As for my second family,
Everyday a memory is made.

the one i get along with more,
is the one i see more,
and that's closer to my age.

yeah, i got two families.
my blood i was born with,
And the one created with my friends.
i'm not bragging, i'm just grateful.

did anyone see what i did with the title?

Want to know: hint: song from Tarzan.
(you just gotta "putyou'refaithinwhatyoumostbelievein")
 Jul 2014
Evergreen Pines
Family you're born with, friends you choose.
do we really choose our friends?
do we conscientiously choose all of them?
i never know how i made the ones i have.
i just talk, they come to me, and become friends.
i don't know how it happens... so...
do i choose my friends?
or do they choose **me?
 Jul 2014
Evergreen Pines
16 years ago,
your soul was given a form,
for the world to see.

10 years after that,
was the year we became friends...
(I think, not quite sure)

Today is your day.
Make the most while you still can.
Happy sweet 16!
it's one of my close friend's birthday today
(even though she doesn't have an account on this i was waiting for today to post it)
 Jun 2014
Evergreen Pines
As the semester closes,
Exams are stressing our minds.
To help us relax and not stress(as much),
let us pray to the 12 Olympians.

To Athena, grant us the wisdom required.
To Apollo, let our knowledge shine brighter than before.
To Zeus, help our marks swore to the skies.
To Poseidon, don't let our grades fall deep into the seas.
To Demeter, let us take our exam naturally.
To Ares, that we win the Exam war without bloodshed.
To Aphrodite, gives us the marks we desire.
To Hephaestus, help us forge perfect study notes.
To Artemis, may our heads be a full moon.
To Dionysus, let our freedom be sweeter than your grapes.
And to Hera ... ... please don't turn me into a peacock for not having a pun for you.

Best of luck to all, may the Olympians help us get through our exams
*And may the odds be ever in your favour.
my exams start Wednesday! I DON'T WANT MATH CLASS TO END- everything else I'm okay with- BUT NOT MY MATH CLASS!!!
anyways best of luck to all you people writing exams soon, and yes I did use a Hunger Games reference.
 May 2014
Evergreen Pines
The first year I knew I liked you.
The first year I liked you as a friend.
The first half of the second year's when it changed.
I still saw you as a friend, but something was different.
You stood out, I found you cute, but you were still just a friend.
At the end of the first half, I had to admit something.
I admitted that if you did ask me out, I would say yes.
But I wouldn't mind if you as some one else.
Now I kind of would.
Now I'd love you to ask me out, but at the same time I wouldn't
I wanna be with you, but I don't want a distraction from school.
I wanna know if you feel the same way, but I don't!
If you ask me out I'd say yes in a heartbeat.

What does this mean?
I think it means I like you.
I'm torn- I want a boyfriend, I want you!
I want to be your girlfriend, I want you to be my boyfriend.
But at the same time, I don't. I don't want to ruin our friendship.
So... if you ask me out... here's what I'd say:
"Yes! but, school comes first. And... we'll always be friends right?"
(says in small voice) I tell him, but I don't know how.
 Mar 2014
Evergreen Pines
They always have my back,
Whether I like it or not.
'Cause they care about me, a lot.
Why should I complain?
If it wasn't for them,
I wouldn't be sane.
They're more than a gem,
They're part of my heart and soul,
The thing we share
Is the thing that makes us whole.
To be without them I could not bear.
This bond we have has no ends,
For they are my only friends.
 Mar 2014
Evergreen Pines
Accepting my cluelessness

Trustworthy, 100% trustworthy
Resists not helping friends
Uncommon personality
Extraordinary sense of humor

Feared by enemies
Random when needed
Insane, but not asylum insane
Even through hard times understanding
Never thought as 'pure'
D**etermined, at times
most of the traits my friends have in common

— The End —