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 Jun 2014
Stephanie Lynn
Laying beneath you
as I become devoured
into the night
(C) Maxwell 2014
 Mar 2014
Stephanie Lynn
I'm feeling rather *****
Let's go take a shower
Let's get lost in lust and suds
Into the midnight hour
You wash my back
And I'll do your front
Actually you can do any side
You want
As long as I feel the connection
Deep within
And the initial breath of relief
When you slide it in
Hold me tight and don't ever
Don't you ever let go
This doesn't have to end
And no one has to know
Let the water be our blanket
And let it wash our hearts
Let us forgive our past offenses
Let us never, ever part
For a moment here we stand
Let's make it last forever
The fire only seems to burn
When we light the fuse together
So let us get undressed
And take a step right in
Out of our masks
And into our skin
(C) Maxwell 2014
 Mar 2014
Stephanie Lynn
we slipped up and got tangled
in sheets of passion
and amidst the anger
the getting caught in the moment
the need for release because
i was just so ******* *******
you crossed my mind
and i almost said your name
you first gain control of the mind
then everything else just follows

(C) Maxwell 2014

— The End —