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 Jan 2020
Traveller in time
There was once a small sapling living in a wood,  
man cut him down ,
dressed him in  balbuls and lights,
the best he could.And so the  birds that didnt give out song ,
or move ,
just perched ,
or sometimes fell from his branches,
were forgotten a long long time ago .

His new family made him feel special,
with gifts around his trunk ,
and for a season ,
for that is all it was ,
seemed nice.         çvvvvvv       v   v  
His  new family ,happy  
until they got drunk !

But late at night when left all alone , when his lights were off ,
and everything was dark  ,
and cold.
He looked out of his window  ,
brought a tear to his eye .
For tall and elegant trees ,
did he see all waving to him in the breeze ,
as if to say goodbye.

Cut down ,
not fully grown,
away from his saplings ,
all alone .
He pined  for the days before man came ,
torn down ,
dumped he lay  ,
awaiting the council trash cart ,
for today was dumpsvillie  day .

— The End —