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 Mar 2020
To the Libra who sparked a bit of happiness in my path.
That person came to me on a spontaneous act.
We connected,
Chopped it up as if we knew each other for years.
We're libras.
We clicked,
Had things in common.
They made me feel good while also fearful.
I knew they weren't mine,
But I couldn't get enough.
I would have my suspicions,
They were outweighed by the bond we formed the more we spent time alone...
 Jan 2020
I can feel the heat on my back,
You squeeze me as if the world is going to collapse around us.
I feel the love in your soul,
it's beating as I hold my head close to your chest.
You rub my legs as the soap from the tub spill over.
My hand,
caressing your cheek.
Sometimes I call you just to hear your voice.
Your smile reminds me of the love stories we used to share.
I can feel the affection you have for me through your eyes,
I know it's hard.
"I'm coming back..."
Because when I'm alone I want you to keep me warm.
I want to wake up with you,
touching me,
loving me.
You're so far away...
 Jan 2020
~Sometimes I just want to run away with the love of my life.~

Take my hand as we escape the pain and confusion.
I'll listen to you like lyrics to a song.
I put my trust in you.
Your hand on the steering wheel,
the other in mine,
Just kiss me right now as if today was your last.
Kiss me as if this will never last.
The windows are down and I can feel the breeze fly through the night.
You're singing to me,
it makes my, once cold body, warm.
There's a light at the end,
only we can see.
This is the day after forever...
 Oct 2019
You're a red rose.
Bleeding sympathy.
Craving love,
learning growth,
seeking beauty...
 Oct 2019
I don't know why it's so hard to
Get you out of my brain
Maybe because I liked you?
Maybe because you had an quick affect on me?
Your personality and charisma swooped me under and I was totally convinced you had me.
I was living in a dream.
I was miles ahead of you.
I was the one moving too quick.
It bothers me how I connected with someone and they vanished.
You're here,
But "you" are not there.
The person I liked.
I guess I was trying to make you into something I wanted for so long.
I was trying to capture your heart and make us something.
Something I created in my head.
But you aren't that person.
You were just interested.
I don't know what happened.
Attachment issues.
 Feb 2019
For I...
For I can't tell whether I'm high or not.
So I walk on the moon to match how I'm feeling.
 Feb 2019
It's hard to stay employed in that position.
Sometimes you quit.
Sometimes you get fired.
Business isn't always booming.
This one guy I met, reintroduced me into that job.
It was like I was connected again. What it felt to be light again.
Every now and then I think about him.
It was magical; like stepping onto wet grass.
Feels different.
Get knots in your stomach and chilled with goosebumps.
It makes you bite your lip.
He tested me,
quizzed me,
studied me,
questioned me,
when he'd hear my voice over the phone, he was inquiring.
To find someone who connected with you but couldn't keep the job, hurts.
 Nov 2018
thank you for teaching me that the love was very young.
I know you go by Robert now, my bad.
We didn't know what we were doing,
but you were so sweet to me I thought it was love.
I realized we're better as friends,
that bond never broke and I thank you for that.

thank you for making me realize that age does and doesn't matter.
I was so naïve,
so immature.
We were on two different scopes of the world.
I grew up quick with you though,
you matured me enough to know I had to leave.

thank you for being my first love.
I fell hard; which created a lot of laughs and pain.
But I learned that being in love didn't mean I had to hold on to you.
Thank you for the memories,
I still care for you.

thank you for being fun with me.
I know I was never fully emotionally there,
so I thank you for doing what you did and only staying for that time.
It showed me we were better as friends,
from afar.
I have no bad blood towards you.

thank you for giving me the knowledge of a relationship.
Teaching me that stubbornness gets me nowhere.
I fell in love with you as well,
which broke me even more.
So I thank you for leaving so I can know my self worth and that I really do not need to keep you around in order to be happy.

thank you for the being the sunshine after the rain.
I needed it.
Knowing I was hurt,
you came around and gave me the freedom I needed.
We were never an item,
but you helped me realize I didn't need to be an item to have fun.

thank you for showing me there's chill people in this world I can vibe with.
Even though we were short-lived,
I thank you for being the old soul I could kick it with.
You left,
but that gave me hope that there's someone like me out there with an old soul.
I am not mad at you anymore, I took heed in this.
 Nov 2018
You pushed me away like I was drug you had to wean yourself off of
 Nov 2018
If I knew that was the last time I'd see you again, I would've held you in my arms longer.
I would've told you what I thought of you.
"I like the way you lick your lips and laugh as you look away"
"I like the texture of your hair"
I would've admired you a bit longer,
Held your hand tighter; hoping you wouldn't let go.
I would've asked you more questions.
"What do you think of...this ?"
"Where do you feel like you're headed?"
I would've kissed you longer.
Just a bit longer.
I should've played more music, talked a bit longer.
Who knew our time together would cut this short.
God put you in my life for a short period of time to show me there's still hope.
There's people like you out there.
I barely knew you,
But felt you on a level that could've grown to beyond the unknown.
If only I could've felt your warm face against my hand just one more time.
Just one more time...
 Nov 2018
I groaned and cried till he looked upl at me
Why are you crying?
You've wounded me...
Wounded you? How?
With your words,
You cut me like a knife not only shattering
My every thought of you
But gouging me with evil.
You hurt me.
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