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Feb 2021
I never took the time to sit and think about an M&M.

A chocolate that separates itself from the rest of the crew with its signature M.

Your empty palms await the decadent little multi-colored buttons,

Like they've always said, "melts in your mouth, not in your hands..."

When you take a bite into the cherub chocolate, its sugar-coated shell cracks like the frozen arctic water.

Exposing a sweet surprise.

Children jump for joy when they see the candy,

adults jump for joy too as their childhood is relived in every M&M.

Pop em' in your mouth during lunch-break,

share a few with your homegirl,

grab a handful at a Halloween party.

There's always a little surprise in every bite.

Sometimes it's a dab of peanut butter

or a crunch of peanuts.

Maybe a salty bit of pretzel,

or ooey-gooey caramel.

Whatever it is, they're good for the soul,

Your teeth won't be happy with you, though...
Written by
Latiaaa  23/F/Chicago
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