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 Oct 8
Call me when you need a hug
I’m there.
You send me through tears,
Beautifully painful.
I’m just a call away.
Through the wire
Passed the dial buttons
Into the speaker
Is my hug for you.
You need me as much as I do.
Let the sea waves soothe you.
Let the wind trickle down your body.
As I hug you through this digital world.
 Jul 17
Touch me like I’m a daisy,
Gentle with grace and calmness.
Speak love into my ears,
Lilac memories that flow in the cool moonless night.
Gentle, as if I’m porcelain.
Loud vibrato and clashing scorning
Rubs me like a thorn prickling my neck.
I feel minuscule,
Backed into a corner
With my arms out
Aching for embrace.
You talk as if
Your tongue is on fire,
Scorching my bare skin.
I am not sandpaper,
“You want me soft
But give me a hard life…”
My heart jumps in anticipation—
Looking over my shoulder
Hoping it doesn’t come back.
We were so soft,
Fresh linen sheets spun to perfection.
Frocklining through a field of
Admiration and affection.
What went wrong?
My timid heart is weakened.
I just want to be held like a daisy,
 Oct 2022
I won’t beg nor rebuke,
Just a thought that runs
through my inner core.
When I think of the old—
the meaning of love
in my mind gets admonished.
Makes me repent,
Run away on my own.
No guidance.
I’ll be in my rowboat
on my way to what the world holds.
A sea of abundance and versatility.
You’ll always be my love jones,
My root and soot,
The muse.
But I refuse to keep you around
With the inconsistencies,
Scarce conversations,
Wounded egos.
I’m no longer the caged bird
I now sing my own tune.
Soaring like a rapper’s flow.
I’d rather be connected with my mind
than confused on the nostalgia.
 Aug 2022
The desire for intimacy comes first
The love is what keeps us sticking around.
It isn’t easy ‘cuz it’s a decision u gotta keep making so long as you’re committed.
Definition of love in any sense means
Stillness and choice.
I love u
So I let u come as you are
And I meet you with as much space as possible
For you to feel your feelings
Share your triumphs
Commiserate your failures.
All of it is a choice I agree to keep making.
Every time I make that choice
The love gets stronger.
And so does our level of intimacy.
It’s not always easy
I don’t always do the best job
But I’m committed to choosing it
Each time.
 Jul 2022
You wanted space
I gave you infinity.
I care
But you need space and peace.
I don’t want the
Weeds to tumble
And roll into chaos.
It aches you to call,
My quarrels and clashes
Disturb the waves you ride
To keep afloat.
My mind runs
Recorded thoughts and images
Of you,
But I mustn’t disturb you.
You need space
I give you breadth.
You exhaust
Your mind with lucid
Thoughts and weight
Created from my madness.
I’ll cease,
I’ll take my squabble elsewhere.
Anything for you
To have peace.
I’m sick and aching
From my own selfishness.
I wait by the phone
Knowing you need
 May 2022
Yes it was a beautiful Saturday morning
when I saw you amongst the field of daffodils
as the sun grazed your chestnut skin.
You looked at me with those amiable eyes
big enough to pull my melodic harp strings.
"You can't stay here"
"...not just yet," I said.
The grass wooshed against my thighs and hips
like a tiger, you stared me down.
"Do you know why you're here?"
"What are you addicted to here?"
The daffodils separated us
but I felt your immense soul
pulling me close.
"You wanna know what I'm addicted to?" he asked.
The grass tickles.
Frazzled, I just had to ask
"I was expecting you'd say the daffodils."

"That is something I voluntarily can stop."
 Jan 2022
She moved
And I feel sorry for you
Because she overlooked your flaws
Your temper
Your selfishness
Your inability to love anyone but yourself.
She could have anyone in the world
But she still chose you
All you are now
Is a crease in her wrinkled past
A scar on her chest
A memory that fades
Faster than a photograph of you
Under her mattress.
Maybe now
She will find someone
Who loves her
Instead of someone
Who ***** the life out of her.
Never satisfied
Even with her beating heart
In his greedy hands.
 Jan 2022
How weird is it?
To think I used to not know of your existence.
I somehow...
Liked the half of my life where I didn't know you were a person.
Once we met though,
God, I haven't been able to get you out of my head since.
It's hard to imagine...
I used to be able to like my life without you consuming my head with thoughts.
I want to kiss you,
but only in the the most ways.
No dictionary definition would stand a chance...
To describe how your lungs could be filled with the sweetest air possible,
Yet you be so breathless.
 Feb 2021
I never took the time to sit and think about an M&M.

A chocolate that separates itself from the rest of the crew with its signature M.

Your empty palms await the decadent little multi-colored buttons,

Like they've always said, "melts in your mouth, not in your hands..."

When you take a bite into the cherub chocolate, its sugar-coated shell cracks like the frozen arctic water.

Exposing a sweet surprise.

Children jump for joy when they see the candy,

adults jump for joy too as their childhood is relived in every M&M.

Pop em' in your mouth during lunch-break,

share a few with your homegirl,

grab a handful at a Halloween party.

There's always a little surprise in every bite.

Sometimes it's a dab of peanut butter

or a crunch of peanuts.

Maybe a salty bit of pretzel,

or ooey-gooey caramel.

Whatever it is, they're good for the soul,

Your teeth won't be happy with you, though...
 Jan 2021
The evening cast a warm glow peeking through the curtains.
Dionne Warwick’s “Make It Easy On Yourself”
Hissed and popped as the needle danced across the record.
Its sorrowful tune echoed the room, looping
The words easy on yourself
As life stood still
And time grew short.
With a trashbin stuffed with crumpled up letters,
A phone shoved in the side pouch
Of a bookbag buzzed. It eventually
And the music grew louder
And louder.

There she laid---
Her arms and legs sprawled out
While her body slowly sunk, being one with the bed

Her lips quivered,
Unraveling an ocean of warm tears. The room
Seemed blurred out, but her eyes
Still captured posters, the ceiling fan,
The fairy lights.
Her cotton candy hair rustled against her cheeks---
Sticking to her as the tears continued to fall.
Then, the phone
Buzzes again, this time longer
As it competed with the song.

Cut up pictures of
Burnt out, faded faces
Decorated the floor, and the girl
Softly wept, sniffled, and let out a sigh.
She couldn’t stop weeping.
As life stood still,
And time grew short,
She knew she had to make it easier on herself.
 Nov 2020
There’s a trace of unhappiness lying beneath the burrows of my soul, yet I keep it hidden with a smile and my wit.
My heart carries a heavy anonymous pain that lurks within myself, but I cannot figure out for the life of me where it’s coming from.
I feel tears creeping up on me as if I’m ready to implode.
If it’s too quiet I’ll start to lose it all.
I have to learn that if all fails, it’s just temporary.
When you see me, you’ll only see a smile.
 Nov 2020
The lilacs brush up against the brick houses.
Sun cascades over the roofs and sidewalks,
showing its welcoming invigorating warmth.
The wind hushes the chaos as the birds are all nestled amidst the trees.
Nothing like the smell of pine and damp soil in the air.
speak to me like I'm a child in your womb.
The branches tick and tack against the windows.
Leaves skip and sail across into the muddy puddles.
Oh, how I love the way the sky brushes fresh colors of periwinkle and apricot.
I sit outside my porch and gaze upon what life has given us,
 Nov 2020
I’m too attached to you. I have to stop and think about my life and everything else around me. I get so wound up in you that I tend to lose track of time or what day it is. That is not healthy. I feel stupid for crying, stupid for begging, stupid for acting this way over a guy. It is never that serious, but I am just too attached.
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