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 Jan 2019
We've had our chance
And we had our time
But you took your stance
And I took mine

When we met
Your words were venom on my skin
The poison set
Now neither can win

You lured me in
A rabbit in your snare
I told you my sin
And you had your share
You threw me in the bin,
Left me without a care

But let me warn you now
I'm not getting strung along
I'm breaking my last vow
Leaving you where you belong.

You took your fire
Now I'll take mine
I can hear the choir
Guess you missed the sign.

Things WON'T end fine.
I plan on ending the Collection soon.
 Jan 2019
I agree.
Politicians tell nothing but lies.
It's hard to see
When you too have your own guise.
It can catch onto me
But it helps us all grow a little more wise.
Lets us learn to be free
With all their noise it just makes me want to rise.

I don't know what to say from this point on.
Guess I'm just holding onto an old con.

Breathe in, and Breath out.
That's what they taught me in the class
Sometimes, I wanna shout.
I just don't wanna be lumped into the mass.

I bet that you can relate.
Never wanted to meet that fate
Is it wrong for us to feel so right?
I think of no one else at night.

I'll come and see you soon.
Ti'll then, just shoot for the moon.
 Jan 2019
Thanks for your thoughts on the matter,
The first week made my mind shatter.
Meeting you is what helped me.
Being around you helped break free.

Our time may have been small
but you stopped my fall.
I felt you would have left me behind.
Erased me, like the others, from your mind.

Please tell me when we can meet again,
I'd love to reunite with an old friend!
I don't want something like this to end
but I can't wait for the chance to send.
 Jan 2019
Thanks for the reply,
Getting free took a lot of meditation
But I've got to try
I need to stop taking this medication

I've still got more issues to solve
My friends have dropped to a few
But I need to strengthen my resolve.
It was nice talking to you.
 Jan 2019
Hear me out,
I know we haven't talked in so long
I've found a route
A better way to help me stay strong

But what about you?
Did you finally leave those teenage years?
Gotta find something new
Finally get out of these age old fears.
I'm writing a collection of letters to no one. Enjoy.

— The End —