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 Nov 2018
Ylang Ylang
No evil is meant for any being
No harm is meant to be done

Where are all these angels?
Dancing and laughing, and treading
With hair soft and bright as light itself?
 Aug 2018
Ylang Ylang
In the sad animal eye
   You'll find the most ephemeral        
     night lake
In the sad animal eye
   You'll see the most muted cry
                          & unspoken regret
In the sad animal eye
    You'll meet the brutal spear
           and feel its metal yourself
                   as it breaks your spine
In the sad animal eye
    You'll see you
    & your mother running
    & weeping
    You'll see the old sage
            in black robes
    & the threat of the sea,
    Vast, dark, and humming                  
    You'll see
           The time
        and the plundered dime
      And you'll be
      Scared to death,
      when you look long enough,
      when you gaze deep enough
   In the sad animal eye
 Aug 2018
Ylang Ylang
I slowly draw your smell
Rain, wet hay, dying fire.
Move my fingers through your thick hair

as the years pass by,
The patina grows thicker,
And the eyes no longer glitter
Have you kept your precious metal locked
Deep inside?
As the rain was falling,
Murdering the Ember?
 Aug 2018
Ylang Ylang
Smoke in my Forest,
Swirling all around
the branches of trees,
On the timeless day.

Lack of it, causes
stagnation of my
playful animals.
Too much - kills my birds,
making them unable
to fly and to see.

                            ­  The trees' dim branches,
                              twisted and leafless,
                              In the land out of
                              this world, where fairies took
                              a place of the birds,
                              and where the fog floats.
 Aug 2018
Ylang Ylang
I want to die here, on this pavement
Lying, watching the bluestar swirling,
Flying up, and down - endlessly
As the years pass by
Up, and down
Carried by the wind

No time involved,
It's still there
Calm and peaceful
Not thinking 'bout the past,
Nor about the future
Like a ghost I'm strolling there,
Out of time, smiling, talking.
Spring or winter -
-The bluestar doesn't care.

Red wine, cobblestone and cruising,
Heaven and clouds in the rain
I want to visit you,
Place of no time,
I want to visit you a thousand more times!
And when the departure is about to come
I want to lie there, calmly
Drawing the smoke, and letting it out.
Watching the bluestar getting closer, getting farther
This day, I'm going to catch it
And fly high
As the spring and winter remain,
Calm and peaceful - forever.
 Aug 2018
Ylang Ylang
Cold July air,
crystal clear
Just like
summer water
I bathe in thee
 Aug 2018
Ylang Ylang
Oh, give me this summer
Where we could cry
Where heated air
& swollen clouds would
                       pass by

   If only we could sit there again
        and smoke a few Luckies
 Aug 2018
Ylang Ylang
Every step we manage
to take       - doomed
Birds chirping at the
daybreak  - doomed
Smile &
      Flame  - doomed


How can we dance
When the birds are dead?

Bloom the carnivals
when the souls - unfed?

Pure white rabbit
in tar-thick dread
Lost his gold,
                 & bled
 Aug 2018
Ylang Ylang
Lone Cebador
        Gaucho child
With weary boots of leather
Weary shirt, indian feather

He sat on pampa grass,
Beside the cracking fire
and the desert mass
     With his thoughts wandering
Wild eyes gazing into the
     evening sky

A bird of prey - thru the air he flew
The Lone Cebador with nothing
but his thoughts, and his sacred brew
 Aug 2018
Ylang Ylang
Ripe and splendid,
  the summer day
In luscious sun
  - the trees they sway
These worlds await.

Ether winds caress,
  ****** the strings
of fleeting time
  While I sleep,
While it all flies
                     & lies

Under the summer sun,
Under the summer sun.

— The End —