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 Feb 20
Jun Lit
Amidst dark moments
One brightly lit moon's shining . . .
We're always hoping.
 Feb 5
Jun Lit
Rows and rows of friends,
tall and mighty trunks, ancients.
Humbled, I am home.
 Feb 4
Jun Lit
Life is a journey -
the road may be very long.
We need to go on . . .
 Jan 14
Jun Lit
Leaves green and swaying
Bamboos dancing with the wind
Hope shoots eternal.
Shoots refer to bamboo shoots
 Dec 2018
Jun Lit
I best saved long poems.
Silently, one smile just blooms.
The heart hears, Love flows.
 Dec 2018
Jun Lit
Meteor showers hang
Pink, red, yellow royal crowns
Scent enchants the swarm
dedicated to Hoya Lovers & Enthusiasts
 Dec 2018
Jun Lit
Crawling and feeding
on flying bats blood pumping
Vampires keep clinging
This short poem, using the haiku form (not necessarily the real haiku essence) but embodying a theme of nature, focuses on tiny wingless insects that cling to bats and **** their blood, and have become not just part of the natural world but also indispensable associates of bats that help perform services of ecosystems.

— The End —