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She opened her eyes
and closed her heart,
after the world swallowed her;
sent her blindly into a
billowing sea of love and hate.
And after the world stopped revolving around her,
the world began to orbit around
the life source of everyone else once more,
and did not just revolve around hers.
Life is a contradiction of all things said about it,
we are all born into a cruel world; none of us choosing to
And when the broken souls in perfect homes realize the impending, ever-growing vines of death taking a hold of them,
they are made to feel in the wrong
Some are born whole into a broken life, and some born broken into an illusion of a polished and fair world
Most never truly realize that we are all brought into a place
where each word, feeling, and action are not intentions from the very beginning
Those who do, the ones with the unrelenting  aura of pointlessness around them, are pushed into the depths of society where the truth is hidden and ignored by those with a cloud of illusion surrounding them
And although those souls are pushed into a great pit of emptiness,
they are the ones who will die having lived a full life that was pushed onto them,
and those living in ignorance, will inevitably go into the beyond alone as we all will,
but not having lived the 'full' life that we have

— The End —