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 Jun 2015
Shae Jean
I don't judge people by their mistakes and imperfections. I've
got my own scars.
Everyone will face something at one point
that will change them for life.
Never judge people for being depressed. Never.
Everyone faces a battle that you may know nothing about.
Never judge people for what is only skin deep.
The most broken people tend to love the most.
Don't focus on their imperfections. Don't focus on trying
to fix their mistakes. Focus on loving them.
Focus on trying to help them love themselves.
Teach them.
Demons aren't always visible from the outside.
Their demons are burrowed in their soul.
They are hidden.
Very few will completely understand how it feels.
Don't judge people for the cracks in their personality.
Their cracks show how many times they were under pressure,
and didn't completely shatter.
 Jun 2015
Shae Jean
What if every one was forced to see,
The world exactly, even just like me?
A world where all, think as one,
A world where peers chose who we become,

What if it was wrong to love,
If we lacked the freedom to rise above?
The tragedy of a forbidden word,
Cages the mind like a wingless bird.

The human mind is meant to wonder,
We need to be free, we need to ponder.
If the world was thrown into darkness,
Nothing would grow and be reduced to hardness.

We need to know,
We need to grow.
We need to love.
And we will rise above.

What if one person chose to know?
What if one person desired to grow?
What if one persons heart sought love?
What if that person rose above?

We are each unique,
God gave us power to speak,
We should use our gift,
To teach and up lift

— The End —