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 Sep 2015
Hey player,
i know you are good with your foot game,
passing the ball from one player to the other,
you sought for the right time to shot,
while you, player get me faded away.

Havent you seen who your best keeper is,
she knows a lot about you that you dont realise,
she keeps those little secrets that seem to be harmless.

Hey player its time you become a striker,
you'v been defending the goals from your team-mate for to long,
stop kicking it to your oponents,
i am right here!

A good goal keeper,
i can keep your heart too,
a good team-mate,
i can always be tolerant,
and a lot of sharing,
i wont keep the ***** to myself all the time.

Hey player,
be fair,
i know how to kick the ball too,
but i am sure that i will save your heart from falling and getting hurt.
Lousy thoughts
 Jun 2015
What is bitter,
is the truth.
What is relish is lies.
Yes the truth hurts,
but what happened to comfort.

Making me feel like a stupid.
Feeling like am talking to a concrete wall
look at me trying my best to ease the pain.
But look at you rejecting me,
like i am a stranger.

You left me with open wounds
but i learnt to forgive,
a slight opinion sliping out of my mind,
you hated my words for good,
why cant you hate me
not what i said.

My side of the story is simple,
you now know how much i suffered in the pain you cuased
i learnt to forgive but you didnt
i humbled myself
but what about you.

You where committed
but from a change in the hands of the clock
why are you so willing to condemn me?
#Bitter #truth #lies #relish #committed #condemn
 Jun 2015
I have challenged myself for just this night,
but my love for poetry seems to over power me,
i feel the need to write,
even though i am toughtless,
i feel the need to write,
even when i have a lot of things to do,
i feel the need to write.
Just the way i feel the need to feed my soul with righteousness,
i feel the need to write,
everyday when i open up my mind to think,
i feel the need to write,
for i found a wonderful home of poetry (Hello Poetry).
I feel the need to write,
now more than ever,
its level has surely overshadowed my Love for Art and Music.
Thanks to this wide home of poetry for i have found the reason to forever keep my poetry going.

— The End —