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 Oct 2016
David Ehrgott
delighted brute flirts
diamond cutter rising ice
gloating elks haunt sick
 Oct 2016
David Ehrgott
hardening gelding
rains smug sharp toadstools rumbling
catfish fluttering
 Oct 2016
David Ehrgott
panorama spits
daintily, hard puddles howl
peacefully sluggish
 Oct 2016
Scarlet McCall
Setting sun splinters
on Hudson’s frozen currents.
Sea of gold shimmers.

Palisades prop up
wooded banks of New Jersey.
Springtime beckons boats.

Hazy summer heat
thickens air and slows the steps
of earnest hikers.

Autumn leaves rustle--
wind blows downhill ornaments
of gold, red, orange.
for how long?
 Sep 2016
Elizabeth Squires
her wintery lips kiss
filled his heart with no bliss
warmth's touch remiss
 Sep 2016
David Ehrgott
free pigeon frets some
exaltation roaming loud
eagle chirps charcoal
 Sep 2016
David Ehrgott
singing numbly, clear
ingenious wet priests lurk, sly
jittery sharp prince
 Sep 2016
David Ehrgott
exclamations clank
earnestly, gypsies capture
redly, softly, mean
 Sep 2016
David Ehrgott
disturbed patient fierce
redhead accelerates, mad
moist racehorses laughing
 Aug 2016
David Ehrgott
handheld all-purpose
device how nice to make life
an easy delight
 Aug 2016
David Ehrgott
text me when driving
I am tired of living
say goodbye cruel world
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