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 May 2018
devante moore
You don’t know what I struggle through
I could **** myself
And everyone would be all confused
Thinking I’m just some cheery happy dude
When in reality
I’m probably more broken inside
Then what I put off to you
 May 2018
Struggling to stay
 Apr 2018
Jacob Christopher
Time flies when you're having fun?
*******, time flies when you're down and done.
Time flies when you're dying inside.
When you're picking up the pieces and crying in need,
time leaves.
There's no time, to settle or ease.
There's no time, because time never sleeps.
There's no time, so don't beg and don't plead.
Time will leave you for dead.
Time left, and it doesn't care about the time that you spent.
You're going through the motions and you're barely alive but,
time flies when you're dying inside.
 Feb 2018
Jacob Christopher
I didnt know
I was with fair weather sailors,
Until the storm hit.
I found I'm fine
With running a skeleton crew
On these dark, open waters.
It's quiet out here with the ******.
 Jan 2018
Walter W Hoelbling
that afternoon
   when we arrived
   for coffee & cake
   at the Vienna TV-tower
   I saw a bundle
   on a stretcher
   right by the entrance

I did not tell you
   what I learned
   from the flustered manager
   who quickly ushered us around
   the ominous object

that the crumpled shape
   had jumped from
   the panorama terrace
   not so long before

I would not allow
   a stranger's death
   intrude upon
   our happiness
 Nov 2017
devante moore
When the moon touched her skin
She’d glowed
I’ve never seen an angel

I couldn’t move
Was I frozen out of fear? No

In an instant our eyes met
I could tell they were lifeless, empty, bleak
So badly wanting life, to be loved, to be free
I’ve seen these eyes, their just like mine

When our lips touched I could tell she hadn’t kiss a man in decades
I should’ve known I was in trouble
God they were ghostly cold

I pressed my hands against her breast, stale no heartbeat
Is this death

But as I looked into her eyes
I felt as though it was a reflection of my mine

Rested my hands on her dress, tugging at it
As she sunk her teeth into my neck
And I didn’t try to run or reject

Is this what it feels like, to bring someone else back to life
She finally pulled away I could tell I was ****** dry

And as the clouds started fading into the moon
I knew this was our last goodbye
We gazed at each other
Tears in her eyes

She regretted the need to feed
I can tell she hated
I too had to die
 Nov 2017
devante moore
I’m not good enough
That spoiled egg out of the bunch

Joy left me
Sin slept in my bed to much

Too far gone
Pushed off the path

Lost a sense of direction
Can’t find my way back

Faith, dislocated
Broken fingers can’t hold a bible

To embarrass to come to you
I’m not running

How could I face you
Prayer, foreign language

This prayer is my last
If it goes unanswered.....
 Nov 2017
devante moore
Broken heart
The goal is to depart, sickening earth  

Hurt, Suicides a killer
It'll take you, Quicker then any steel

Then any bullet shell

Rope burns
Snapped neck

Broken veins
Spilled flesh

Lost soul since 10 years
Blood filled tears

Devils advocate
Bully magnet

Contract unfulfilled
Until suicide kills
 Nov 2017
devante moore
Dragons breath
Nothing left

Cheap wine
Quick death

Lonely man
Bad rep

Rumor mills
Loved spilled

Broken hearts
Empty chest

6 long years

Now he's alone
Wishing she'd come back home

Until then

He sips dragons breath
Hoping it'll light a fire

Deep in his belly
 Nov 2017
devante moore
She smokes
She chokes

She laughs
She cries

Blue eyes
Blue sky

Salty tears
Stained eyes

French inhale
Exhales soot

And death

Clouded lungs
Foggy room mixed with ***

She can't admit she's hurting
She can't accept he's gone

She smokes
She chokes

She cries
Gets high, she French inhales
 Nov 2017
devante moore
I'm sorry
I failed you
I know I promised to always hold on
But I just couldn't keep you in my grip
I tried to always hold you in the palm of my hands
But you just filtered through the seems like sand
Im ashamed to see
All the scars you bare on your body because of me
I let you go
And watched everyone else pull you down
Back riddle with marks
From being drugged on the ground
You always treated some like royalty
But you've never been crowned
I know I let you down
But I'm back now
Tried reaching out to pick you back up
But you just slapped my hand away
And frowned
What don't you remember me?
Aren't I still the person
You see
When you look in the mirror
Aren't you still looking at me?  
I know I let you down
Tried taking care of everyone else
But never looked after me
 Nov 2017
devante moore
I use to stay up all night
If you were in pain
I'd be the ice
You applied me to you, whenever you need too
But I didn't mind
You were mighty fine
And my family adored you
But it turns out you were a trickster
Tried to play my heart like a drum
It would've worked
But my heart couldn't be rung
It didn't carry a beat
It needed to be strummed
But my heart was way out of tune
Plus it was previously swept away in my last girl typhoon
You see she was one of those good people out there
But sadly I was more like you
A liar
Replied to all your love you's
I love you too
But that was never true
I was just reading from the script
Reciting a line
Like a play we were acting out
But really
You were just a drawing to me
And I was trying to erase parts I didn't like about you
You were trying to play me
And I was slowly trying to change you
See you thought I was a good guy
But you can't fool a fool
Without getting fool too
Love is really a game
And I haven't been in love in a very long time
You see I'm no longer a good person, no not anymore
Not after parting ways from you
 Nov 2017
devante moore
It only happens at night
This battle against temptation
This awful fight
During the day I'm alright
Because it's harder to sin when there's light
But when the sun goes down
It's harder to say no
And I hold out for days
But when that addiction comes knocking and scratching at my bedroom door
I can never tell it to go away
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