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Virginia    "I'd rather die of passion than of boredom." quote by Vincent van Gogh .... Words are my world... poetry my universe... I reach for Infinity.
24/M/South Africa    Writer | This is ancestral, past-life reading; this is meditation & prayer; this is future telling. always becoming. The undying soul in a decaying case. ...
Just Me R
Scotland    Just a few thoughts x
Silent Storm
phillipines    someone who thinks that things are better or more exciting than they really are.
I am unworthy to be anything other than an unknown poet.
PH    "you are the smell before rain. you are the blood in my veins."
Impeccable Space Poetess
Life♡Love    I'm no good at BIOS etc But~this is SO--GOOD:);):)<333 ...thanks for posting xour lovely poems... ❤ IMPECCABLE SPACE POETESS
Dred Erive
Manila    I am. Lost. I am in quest of healing the broken and hurt, as I had been for quite some time. In so, I strive ...
26/F    The future is shiny.
F/Kentucky USA    World traveler, lived abroad as a military brat. Crime survivor . Kitsch & whimsy lover,unrepentant foodie ,cook and baker.Finally settled down in small town USA ...
Gigi Tiji
Edna Sweetlove
London    I modestly refer to myself as "Poetess to the Stars". Others have called me a smutty slag and a ponce. Some people have suggested I ...
Roger Turner - Poet
Writer in Actually, just someone who started writing for fun and enjoyment. I now have one book in three languages, and colouring book form. ...
Emille Fergusson
United Kingdom    Do not forgo your chances out of spite.
Abdul Broekema
29/M/Nijmegen, Netherlands    Poet.
Sarah K
I'm 19 and I've been writing free verse poetry for about 7 years now. I just write what is inside my head, its as simple ...
Valiant Hurts
66/F/Hollywood    I spent my formative years in Japan, and danced in the Royal kabuke theatre in Tokyo and Sasabo. I am originally from Los Angeles, but ...
The Demons Within
Madison, Wisconsin   
Bree Anna
Indiana    Hi! I just turned 18 years old. I am a very passionate and highly creative person, who suffers from writer's block frequently! I would love ...
Dawn King
Loma Rica, CA    I smoke cigarettes. I drink coffee. I am a free soul, yet unlucky in love. I sit. I wait. I watch. I learn. I do. ...
Johnny Overseas
Minnesota    I am an actor and director in Minnesota My poems are the way that I think
lost in thought
21/F/Pekin, Illinois    So I'm 21. Proudly engaged. Message me if anybody has a question about the style I write or just about anything really.
MoonFlower    Fluer de Luna
the light of the moon    A second site so I may write of things just a bit too raw to end up on the world wide web, under my name ...
Gaborone, Botswana    I'm a Christian Poet. It's who I am. It's what I do. Since God has gifted me in writing, I choose to uphold Him in ...
Jumping between galaxies    The heart murmurs of bleak innocence.
22/Gender Nonconforming/South Africa   
Josh Bass
"Find beauty. Try to understand. Survive." -James Sallis Please do not BITE my work.
21/F    Follow me @adyb.b at Instagram Sincerely, Me. Copyright © Ady B. All rights reserved.
Sierra Martin
20/F/Texas    I would like to dedicate my poetry to my amazing grandmother, Betty Adams. Without her support I would not be the person or the poet ...
Tommy Johnson
New Jersey    I'm a twenty one year old psych major living in Bergen county. I've always loved writing, it always seemed to be the only way I ...
Jack Thompson
Australia    I'm full of sensitivity and insensitivity. I'm flawlessly broken.
Akira Chinen
122/M/texas    "we put it all into a poem, to tell the universe who we were, and why we were here, and what we said and did ...
Julie Butler
CA    more.
Joe Wilson
In this world.    Thanks for visiting my poetry blog, I really feel I've only just started and yet I've wanted to get these things off my chest for ...
Poetry by MAN
M/California    M.A.N is pseudonym I write under..
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