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 Aug 2019
Paul Hardwick
hold your own heart
tale care
you will need it
love it its you after all
look for the colours in words
hold yourself first here on a page
your own hands
spell me than kari on spell anything
then you will become one of us
know what is
what was
then you are the man
 May 2019
Paul Hardwick
Surreal Poam
By P@ul.

you are the most exstrawdanarirey person
and I am just me

you might be it seams
Oooo Ooooh
just like me

Hi Hi welcome
you be you and I will be me
how are you?
Love for me P@ul.
you thought I had gone
so had me.
 Jan 2019
Paul Hardwick
That hurts
Woman stuck a needle in my arm
you will feel a scratch
**** u are sticking me pins
Baby that hurt
see her blue eyes and start to flirt
whats your  name           Jane
Stay with us you
Look me in the eyes
I am going to call Paul
That's my name
how did my net in this sea miss you
so we meet like this

Thank You, Nurse Jane.

Love P@ul.
 Nov 2018
Paul Hardwick
I am here
Ghost in the machine
mean not aways
But never forgiving
card boo
for adults
blue Seen
but never known
Mac's are us
O you never released
You PC users
Get a grip
it's called Micro-soft
it's the word
you need to do
what's that all about
just saying
not soft this is our future.
Paul ***.
 Sep 2018
Paul Hardwick
Dot 1
join the dots
here we go
he likes lemon tarts
does not eat carrots
make him ****
as his friends all know
and tell him so
brain of planets
Dot 2
the straight line makes the image well
slipping down the perpendicular
on to
Dot 3
still cannot tell
Dot 4
is that an eye
or a yes
Dot 5
carrot seep into the night
I farted
Dot 6
lines are sticks
pick them up
you never know when dot eleven will come about
data what is this?
The thing in my brain
Dot 7
is that what you want
in turn for free ******* yoghurt
we playing deal or no deal
Dot 8
let's get this straight
before I forget all about you
you asking me this
click on the boxes
your views
for your client
Dot 9
Dot 10
**** the right off
the picture is clear to me
thank you
Day Tar go to hell.
Love P@ul
like a **** in the wind.
 Sep 2018
Paul Hardwick
Not the sleep thing
dreaming deep strong like wine
seeing red
mostly at work
related thing
my dress
did not mean skirt
but coat
reflects in my blue eyes
and with all the sun
red burnt head
like I glow in the dark
mostly radioactive
probity burn them all about me
I'm  told it's the corporate colour thing
wonder if I will get red boots
then I and my mates can be part of OZ together
tap your heals and wake up
Home and safe
see what I did there.
Surreal P@ul.   With love ***.

 Aug 2018
Paul Hardwick
Snift into my mind,
as she passed me far behind
floating on petals,
just get old,
in loves special way
her hair turning grey as mine,
her lips red so full.
I should try to take her out,
let life take its course,
cry to my self later, as she puts me out
like a burning ***,
still smouldering in the ashtray of life,
man I am old
not white but grey.

Grey Nickers.
Love P@ul ***.
 Jun 2018
Paul Hardwick
Will they ever stop driving me
have they ever taken time to see
when I'm doing my best?
 May 2018
Paul Hardwick
When I learned to march
they said by the left leg
I did the right
and they all accused me
seems I have always been on my own
so when putting your best leg forward
do you do the left or the right
seems none to me
whatever I do
I never get it right
or is that left
here I go again
so someone, explain to me
which to lift first!
Love P@ul ***.
 Mar 2018
Paul Hardwick
Will you look my way
touch me
be by me
don't just be a friend.

That's what it takes
from your heart
shoot me in my leg
its the only in my body that works

tap it four times
look for'for blue

skys inside out
pink is blue
lemon head
you listen to blood in my vein
that woman tell her
it is better by you than me
better by you than it is better by me
better to find
than today.
If you like this let me know.

Love P@ul.
 Jan 2018
Paul Hardwick
stands on two legs
sometimes gifted
gives more than he
thinks he takes
and that's hard to do
now you lick your lips
form a queue
stand up straight
look me up in your phone book
twisted melon man
makeup things in your ******* head
juicy fruits
lick your lips again
and how about you
what do you
think he thinks
about you?

Twisted Melon Man.


P@ul. ***.
 Dec 2017
Paul Hardwick
Stand on one foot
for one minute
tilt your head to the left
things that you notice
now try it
with your eyes closed
are you confused
well that's like being me
are you tipping
to the right
is it day or night
and what is that taste
@t my age.

P@ul. ***.
Try it dears
 Jun 2017
Paul Hardwick
But a hue of blue
maybe it is when alight.
Boo  P@ul.***.
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