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Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
Is something felt
Like silk and linen
On body svelte
Love is something
In the air
That traces pain
And soothes all care
Peace is something
Deep within
A calming presence
A cooling wind
And joy is more
Than being sound
It’s when your dreams
Have touched the ground
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
If it’s trust that you want
Close your eyes
Feel my arms
And the brush of my face
If there’s tears to be dried
And fears to be calmed
Feel my touch
And this warm embrace
If there’s shame to be faced
Here’s acceptance
If there’s hurt
Feel the love
I display
If the past
Is tugging at the corners
Look at me
Your concerns to allay
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
You know it’s more than promise
With the coming of the seasons
You know that summer’s coming
And all that’s good and fair
You know that life brings forward
Growth and new tomorrows
You know that it all happens
Without effort, without care
Yet our plans and our intentions
Are fraught with peril and sorrow
And accidents and death
And things that can’t be planned
We’re not gods of our own destiny
We’re often gazing at the pieces
Sifting through the ashes
Trying to understand
But hope’s a type of promise
Based on faith and feeling
A knowing that these forces
Of nature and of woe
Are shaped beyond our knowledge
Carried forward by a purpose
And sometimes we just know that
Someone’s in control
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
There’s a cat sized
In my clean laundry pile
The guilty one
Scurries out
And I just have to smile
*Ah Peppy Lemieux
You’re such a flirt!
Making a nest
From Canali shirts!
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
It’s in the hidden glimpses
Of a long forgotten past
It’s in the looks and glances
And the memories that still last
It catches your attention
When you’re trying to turn the page
For there’s a lot to process
And a lot to rearrange
So your emotions now come running
Trying so hard to catch up
But the changes are so fast
They can barely interrupt
And in the flurry of the moment
And a kiss upon the lips
The past now gets distanced
And the pain at once eclipsed
You’re left panting for your senses
You’re left reaching for the door
The future is unfolding
The unknown is now in store
And you knew it had to happen
And you wanted it so bad
But you’re staring in the rear-view
At the world that you once had
The present in abundance
Has come crashing to your shore
And you’re left wondering in the pauses
How much you can absorb
You’re in a different universe
Than where you’ve been before
It’s the start of a journey
And a new world to explore
And your head, it may be reeling
But your heart, it simply sings
As you listen to the echoes
Of the truth and all it means
The way is now confusing
But you decide that you’ll be brave
Because the answer has been given
And your present has been saved
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
It’s just a dreamy day
The rain is patterning down
The clouds have spread
Their darkening face
All over this busy town
But I’m floating
Above the rooftops
I’m scarcely touching ground
Time passes so luxuriously
Whenever you’re around

We met and we were young again
We touched and our souls smiled
We held each other closely
Then, we decided to live a while

It all passes in the moment
Of being here with you
The setting is your presence
And the flame that burns anew
As we walk through
The darkened streets
I simply don’t see the grey
For the way that I am feeling now
Is brighter than any day

*We met and we were young again
We touched and our souls smiled
We held each other closely
Then, we decided to live a while
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
Sitting at the edge of the lake
Watching the indescribable
Fluid, glittering diamonds
Cresting on the waves
You’re sitting there beside me
Your love beaming like the sunshine
You turn and you smile at me
As we lock our gaze
We’ve started on a journey
Leaving fear and pain behind us
With only murmurs in the silence
And shadows in the night
They vanish with your presence
And your hand upon my body
As we hold each other tightly
And everything is right
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