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cloh Aug 2017
It's been raining all morning
You said you knew
Closed the windows by noon.
But 5 o clock rolled by
The sky still grey
You said the world looked brand new.

So here we are again
Same old friend
Same old truth.
Here we go once more
Better now?
better you?

Don't search in your dreams
It won't have your answers
Just a place you wish you knew.
And once in awhile
A person will come by
But that person's never you.

So here we are again
Different friend
Same old truth.
Shake me awake
So I can see
It wasn't you...
cloh Jul 2017
I watch the Mountains,
as if waiting for them to move.
Waiting for them to grow or shrink
Or disappear completely.
So that maybe I could have something new to ponder
other than where is the clear horizon
I've heard so much about?
I'm lost among the foothills
while the hills remind me I'm small.
Thoughts from an old Wyoming road // 7.4.17 9:03am
cloh Jul 2017
You look and you look
For a place to call home
You sit in your house
Yet you still feel alone
You search in the shadows
You try in the rain
But all that you find
Is still darkness and pain
You start conversations
You look for new friends
Though the seasons will change
And relationships end
So you think you'll be happy
If you go to the sea
But you get there and think
Perhaps the hills are for me
No tides, no changes
Just grass and blue sky
But you get there and realize
There's no place to hide
So you think to the one place
You haven't yet looked
You pick up a pencil
And a blank little book
You write down your story knowing
Words won't pretend
Words never change
Never leave, never end
So you write and you write
And out comes your soul
And within yourself
You find you've always been home.
cloh May 2017
I see your face in the moonlit sky
I can’t believe it but oh I try
To imagine a world where time stays at a standstill
You lean in closer but I move back
You can’t decipher my mind tonight
But darling if only you knew
Everything’s falling apart

You say you love me but I don’t see it
I’m hard to love and I know you believe it
Why waste your time when you know
Time will tear us apart, well
maybe thats love?
maybe thats love.
a song,actually
cloh May 2017
Please let me know before I fall in love
With any more broken memories;
Are you going to change?
Because I’m tired of looking back
And missing how things used to be.
cloh May 2017
I’m sorry you love me
But I’m lost in the sky
Forming reality
Behind my own two eyes
I seek a new pleasure
I’ve found a new life
I’m not here for attachments
So don't waste fragile time
You tell me I’m lost
I tell you you’re right
But I’m happier here
Inside my own mind
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