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CLL Jul 2014
You say it doesn’t mean that much to you
That after you experience it’s nothing special to you anymore
And it scares me, all the way into the nerves in my bones
And I feel myself ache, but I won’t show you
Cause you already know enough, when it comes to me feelings
But the deal is that it matters to me
Cause if I’m letting you this close
I would want you to want it, like I do
I would want you to think it is as special, as I do
Cause to me, we can’t get any closer than this
And if you are gonna end up saying that wasn’t that much to you
I’ll end up heartbroken, with a memory in my mind that I can’t take back
So please don’t lead me on and tell me you want it
When we both know I scare you, with the way I feel about it
Scare you with my expectations and with how much it means to me
When someone broke it for you and stole the meaning you had for it away
Leaving us both scared, but wanting it
But me more than you
CLL Jul 2014
Every time you leave I miss you, like I miss a part of me
Even if it’s just for a second or an hour
It feels like I’m running out of air, out of breath
We have over time become so close
So close that even my cells electrify by the simple sight of you
So when you leave, it’s like I’m running out of life
Running out of air.
Running out of my own human electricity.
Running out of life.
Cause no love, has ever been like the one I have for you.
And never have I ever felt a missing part of myself before.
CLL Jul 2014
The way you always talk about getting home asap after we were so close, so intimate, makes me feel ***** and sad. And yeah you notice that I get hurt, but you never notice that it’s the repeat of you actions and it hurts even more.
CLL Jul 2014
I wish you didn’t have ex’s
I wish you had never loved before
I wish you had never been with a girl before
I wish you weren’t in contact with them anymore
Cause you are my first love
My one and only
And it makes me sad to think that you have ever loved others
The way you now love me
And to think that I’m not your first is sad
When you are my first love
You are the first to gonna steal my heart away and hopefully keep it
While I’m just another one in line for you.
CLL May 2014
What used to seem so bad and pointless
Is now beginning to bloom like a flower again
Our love and closeness starts to seem strong
I no longer feel annoying or unwanted
I only feel the pure love from a first love that's going great
I guess we're on our way up
On our way to happier moments
On our way to sharing the honest truth
On our way to share ourselves completely with each other
We're simply just on our way up
On our way up on the scale of love
CLL May 2014
We might claim to love each other
But lately I feel like I’m the one who’s loving you
And like I’m just here so you won’t get bored…
CLL May 2014
Sometimes I wonder if you care enough
Enough so that I can stay
Cause if not please let me go
Go and find someone who will
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