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Claudia Ramirez Jul 2016
I am here wating for you to text me back. I wonder what i should do if we should brake up or just keep going at a distance the distance is surely there but what about it  between our feeling. Should i put them aside and just float on till you get here again? My mind goes in circles wondering what to do what to think. Wondering if your okay wondering if your hitting the pipe again. Im anxious about what the next months hold for us and i cant help to think to be scared to be sad because i feel i can't trust you with this distance with this roads and borders between us. Wondering if your looking at the sky wondering if your thinking about me as much as i think about you. At work. At the bus. in my dreams will i meet you there? will you be sacred as much as i am? Will you fight even when i feel lost? Will you help me look in my heart for a light? Even with the mountains and forest will you search for me? Will you keep saying you love me when i stay quiet? Will you stop? Will you come back? Will you love me as much as i did when i need it the most? Will you do so even when i can't show it back? Will you? Will the faith find its way with all this miles? Will it know where home is? Will i know?
Just my thoughts i dont know
Claudia Ramirez May 2015
Come to think of it,
I am not confident going for another one will help.
Yet my fingers reach for this
expensive poison that feeds the craving...the fixation.

In other words. Putting closure to  this impulsion is harder than I thought.
for some of the word choosing my boyfriend helped :3
Claudia Ramirez Feb 2015
Don't get you at all.
A life time can go by
Nothing would change.
I can't blame you
Especially when
Learning your mind is hard
He told me the poem was lol.... T.T
Claudia Ramirez May 2013
But in reality
My mind trembles
My eyes become a river.
I want you to hold me one more night
Craving your body next to mine
To taste your lips again

Maybe one day…
I will be honest with you again.
But for now...
I will hide behind simple words
I will keep my own secret

..I am fine…
Claudia Ramirez May 2013
I can’t make friends and I can’t make love so I will say good bye to this world
Open my eyes for the last time as I play and laugh like in the good old days
The sun will come down and so will the tears
Don’t worry you will have to let go I don’t say this to you I say it to my soul
I can’t make friends and I can’t make love so good bye I say to the sky who held my home
I say good bye to you and every one who knew my names
I can’t make friends and I can’t make love so long world
take care of you and the ones to come
Claudia Ramirez May 2013
Now I will sing a song about my mind and heart. Of how awful it is to sit and drink until I fall asleep
Passing out on my ***** that sadly enough is the only warmth I feel any more.
Thinking about the days I shined like gold but now I’m nothing more then rust
All your love is gone and my fantasies turn bitter by the hour
Remembering how I held you tight but now all I want…I don’t know what I want
Maybe another drink or two will clear my mind and let me know what I desire
Is it you or another shot of whisky?
Help me dear god who is up in the heavens let my melody turn mellow
bring my lover back and take this bottle take my tears and take my heart
Take it all and giver her back to me. Take these nightmares or let her make them better
…but she was a ***** how never gave two ***** about you…
She lied…she never loved you…you where just another pity date
“No! No!! She loved me…she told me…” crying this out loud to let my self know in what world I am
Curling up in to a ball as I stay quite so I can let my mind speak….

Chug down more of this liquid that will soon turn in to your blood…
Let it destroy you just like the wicked lies you tell yourself so you can sleep at night
Such a ******* idiot thinking everything can change and no it can never change
You lost her not because of this habit but because you were blind
A hopeless fool who could not even water a plant
A hopeless fool who could not look out the window
Chug it down and let it grown in you like the words you never spoke to her

Now let me sing you a song of a boy and a girl. Of how awful it was to sit and talk on the phone
Not just for her but more for him as he waited for her to fall asleep
As it was the only way he had to feel closer to her the only time he could speak his mind
They once sang about a world together but now they can’t even picture a bridge…
He still calls every day and tries to fight for them…but what if I told you….
What if I told you that the boy is a girl and the girl is a boy?
Would this change the song?
Claudia Ramirez Apr 2013
All the passion became nothing but insanity siting there in the shower
Staring you down letting you know you cannot scrub it off
Knowing every inch of your body and mind are infected
Feeling so lost and confuse
Yet at the same time feeling nothing
It just stares at you with without saying a word
Staring deep in to your soul with does eyes
Eyes some might call beautiful
However, you know they are more than that  
They are the eyes of everything
The eyes of hope
The eyes of blame
The eyes of the beautiful illusion called love
Siting there under the water that turns darker every passing moment
It just stares at you waiting,
Waiting for the moment when you look away
For the moment you blink
For that one second
So that everything humans know as insane, chaotic, delusional
Even evil, it can all come to you
Just letting know how bad in the head you are
Because after all….
There is no one else…
It is just you and the running water
I was in the showere and all of the suden I realized something I really hope I hadn't.....
Hope you guys like
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