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How is it going?
the days pass
time passes
yesterday was 2020
We are now in 2022.

Do you feel like you've found yourself,
how is the fight against depression going?

Less hard you will tell me,
have a job, fall into a routine.
No lover, just a big dream,
no dream of having your own child, but you are the mother of all the children in this world !!!

Fall asleep on your thoughts, on your books,
on invoices.

How is it going?
The covid epidemics, worries, deaths, restrictions ...

To my world, be well and be well!
(Someone talks, talks to me ... and this is what they say ... a bit of Clarencine and her little routine.)
I deserve and I don't deserve anybody's love,
For I live in the consciousness that I have an unconventional character,
Praises are to these souls that have tried to seize the unseizable,
And a memorial for those who run away from the unbearable,
Oh, Love, when shall you fit me,
I wish to drink your pink strawberry milk and drench in your turquoise, blue water, to live under your heart-shaped clouds.
Love let me believe in your imagery.
I have set myself free,
Free from what they said and what they did not say.
And have already overcome what they will eventually be saying.
And their blah blah blah shall go on
But I have won.
For all that they said,  I did the diametric of it,
Their self-fulfilling prophecy shall remain null for me,
For I am Me,
The Builder, The Semi God,
For I speak and So shall it be.
I am the sole creator of who I should be,
I am unbound,
From wherever they bound me!
I have come to the consciousness that,
I still have some pages to fill,
That though I have locked myself in,
That I will have to go out,
And act being me.
You can't always flee,
Life will eventually throw you out in this,
Frightening, unknown and huge
Universe where you cannot flee.
You'll have to inhale and Exhale,
And have the courage to face
what Destiny has called for you to be,
Flee, Flee, Flee...
But how to flee or lock yourself in,
When the expression of the inner you,
Is to be out there and bearing the decision of having zero limit.
So I am breaking the shell,
Little by Little
And will soon re-Express
The real me.
Not letting them (the dark forces, the dark energies) to shut the spiritual
being, having a human a experience
down anymore.
I am light, connected to its creator,
The source of everything
And I can't be shut down!
I have pages to fill,
Onto them I will write how I'd love,
hate, win, conquer, fail, fall, soar
And the most crucial one, to succeed at finding my truest - self!
My man is at bay
My man is my stay
The cave into which I lay
We so creative that we always
Make our hell works, yes.
Hard for me to confess
But for me, morning rhymes with
The hardship of life to be faced.
The morning brings to me a sense of imprisonment,
I am trapped into life which I can't escape,
But can only face.
Who says I want to do my morning chores today, who says I want to go to work today.
Millions of us are trapped into the obligations that the morning brings to us.
Morning, morning who says I wished for you to be this morning.
Only death shall deliver me from you.
Ugly morning did I call for you.
Morning means getting up and go to work
Getting up to go and face a court case,
Getting up and go out to look for a job,
Getting up to sign your divorce papers,
Gloomy morning for some of us,
Enthusiasm runs away when dawn points out for some of us,
Some mornings my dad needed to face the hard reality that my mum passed away,
I was once in love and some mornings I woke up to face a breakup.
What does this morning brings to you
Hope or the illusion of it.
My attention goes wherever I lead it
No one tells me where my focus should be
What annoys you might not be annoying me
What controls you, might never exercise any pressure over me...
When shall you consider all this,
Am being me,
Trying to do my own thing Darling.
Be you and let my attention embody me,
Not you!
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