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My man is at bay
My man is my stay
The cave into which I lay
We so creative that we always
Make our hell works, yes.
Hard for me to confess
But for me, morning rhymes with
The hardship of life to be faced.
The morning brings to me a sense of imprisonment,
I am trapped into life which I can't escape,
But can only face.
Who says I want to do my morning chores today, who says I want to go to work today.
Millions of us are trapped into the obligations that the morning brings to us.
Morning, morning who says I wished for you to be this morning.
Only death shall deliver me from you.
Ugly morning did I call for you.
Morning means getting up and go to work
Getting up to go and face a court case,
Getting up and go out to look for a job,
Getting up to sign your divorce papers,
Gloomy morning for some of us,
Enthusiasm runs away when dawn points out for some of us,
Some mornings my dad needed to face the hard reality that my mum passed away,
I was once in love and some mornings I woke up to face a breakup.
What does this morning brings to you
Hope or the illusion of it.
My attention goes wherever I lead it
No one tells me where my focus should be
What annoys you might not be annoying me
What controls you, might never exercise any pressure over me...
When shall you consider all this,
Am being me,
Trying to do my own thing Darling.
Be you and let my attention embody me,
Not you!
I killed all of my expectations
In order to set myself free
From your ability
Of hurting me,
For while you are busy
On the search
Of whom you truly are,
It would not have been fair for me,
To sat on the waiting bench,
To wait for you to clear out your mind
So I set myself free
By bearing no expectation
So, You shall forever be free to leave
Yet I might not be forever here
To welcome you!
It is the better chance of seeing humanity,
Such as it is,
It is when they lose someone dear
And the separation is too hard
Only then, they cry, they're sad
Dust we were, dust we shall be
When death strikes even our wealth
Is useless, we are mere human,
Significant to only those who
Rubbed shoulders with us,
The human with its hormones
And atoms
Unleashes its vulnerability to
Its fullest.
Funerals, Funerals you shall never end,
You shall never stop reminding us
That we are mere human.
One day we will die
And only the sea and the sand that we touched for a few seconds on that night will bear witness to these sweet kisses that we exchanged ...
To love is to make the other free and not to possess oneself as objects that can neither breathe nor feel ...
I make you free,
just as death as painful as it is for those who must continue to live makes you free ...
Thus our crossed steps will remain deep in the sand for the time of a full moon.
Then, once we'll be stars in the sky,
And we shall relive these unforgettable moments,
Eternally on the same date.
A Pearl she was,
A Pearl she shall stay among the stars,
A Pearl as beautiful as a Ruby,
Deep in the sea only one like her could be found,
My mother shall be my only Pearl forever,
In the Sky till I die she shall shine.
And if they'll say that Pearls don't shine,
I shall answer that my Mother did and does
Happy Mother's Day
Our Shining Pearl...
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