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May 1 · 65
Pages to fill
I have come to the consciousness that,
I still have some pages to fill,
That though I have locked myself in,
That I will have to go out,
And act being me.
You can't always flee,
Life will eventually throw you out in this,
Frightening, unknown and huge
Universe where you cannot flee.
You'll have to inhale and Exhale,
And have the courage to face
what Destiny has called for you to be,
Flee, Flee, Flee...
But how to flee or lock yourself in,
When the expression of the inner you,
Is to be out there and bearing the decision of having zero limit.
So I am breaking the shell,
Little by Little
And will soon re-Express
The real me.
Not letting them (the dark forces, the dark energies) to shut the spiritual
being, having a human a experience
down anymore.
I am light, connected to its creator,
The source of everything
And I can't be shut down!
I have pages to fill,
Onto them I will write how I'd love,
hate, win, conquer, fail, fall, soar
And the most succeed at finding my truest - self!
Aug 2020 · 46
My man is at bay
My man is my stay
The cave into which I lay
We so creative that we always
Make our hell works, yes.
Jul 2020 · 1.2k
The morning
Hard for me to confess
But for me, morning rhymes with
The hardship of life to be faced.
The morning brings to me a sense of imprisonment,
I am trapped into life which I can't escape,
But can only face.
Who says I want to do my morning chores today, who says I want to go to work today.
Millions of us are trapped into the obligations that the morning brings to us.
Morning, morning who says I wished for you to be this morning.
Only death shall deliver me from you.
Ugly morning did I call for you.
Morning means getting up and go to work
Getting up to go and face a court case,
Getting up and go out to look for a job,
Getting up to sign your divorce papers,
Gloomy morning for some of us,
Enthusiasm runs away when dawn points out for some of us,
Some mornings my dad needed to face the hard reality that my mum passed away,
I was once in love and some mornings I woke up to face a breakup.
What does this morning brings to you
Hope or the illusion of it.
Jul 2020 · 35
My attention
My attention goes wherever I lead it
No one tells me where my focus should be
What annoys you might not be annoying me
What controls you, might never exercise any pressure over me...
When shall you consider all this,
Am being me,
Trying to do my own thing Darling.
Be you and let my attention embody me,
Not you!
Jun 2020 · 39
Mon Amour
I killed all of my expectations
In order to set myself free
From your ability
Of hurting me,
For while you are busy
On the search
Of whom you truly are,
It would not have been fair for me,
To sat on the waiting bench,
To wait for you to clear out your mind
So I set myself free
By bearing no expectation
So, You shall forever be free to leave
Yet I might not be forever here
To welcome you!
Jun 2020 · 49
It is the better chance of seeing humanity,
Such as it is,
It is when they lose someone dear
And the separation is too hard
Only then, they cry, they're sad
Dust we were, dust we shall be
When death strikes even our wealth
Is useless, we are mere human,
Significant to only those who
Rubbed shoulders with us,
The human with its hormones
And atoms
Unleashes its vulnerability to
Its fullest.
Funerals, Funerals you shall never end,
You shall never stop reminding us
That we are mere human.
Jun 2020 · 70
The time of a full moon
One day we will die
And only the sea and the sand that we touched for a few seconds on that night will bear witness to these sweet kisses that we exchanged ...
To love is to make the other free and not to possess oneself as objects that can neither breathe nor feel ...
I make you free,
just as death as painful as it is for those who must continue to live makes you free ...
Thus our crossed steps will remain deep in the sand for the time of a full moon.
Then, once we'll be stars in the sky,
And we shall relive these unforgettable moments,
Eternally on the same date.
May 2020 · 142
A Pearl she was,
A Pearl she shall stay among the stars,
A Pearl as beautiful as a Ruby,
Deep in the sea only one like her could be found,
My mother shall be my only Pearl forever,
In the Sky till I die she shall shine.
And if they'll say that Pearls don't shine,
I shall answer that my Mother did and does
Happy Mother's Day
Our Shining Pearl...
May 2020 · 50
Crowned Thief
Dear Corona, I am still figuring out
The way you dare to enter our lives
Modify our routines like a nothing,
Causing us to live in fear,
We humans who are significant because we have friends, relatives and colleagues
To hold onto and who hold onto us,
How dare you,
Enter our lives killing us like our lives have no price, no value,
How dare you take them away from us,
Thief of the night,
How come, how come!
May 2020 · 58
Another you
A child is certainly another you,
You look after it
You take care of it
You owe to nurture it
You have to protect it
If you want to know someone,
Then look at the people that person hangs out with,
Show your child or your children,
It's a little you,
It is little, it is empty
And it will soon be what you pour in it,
Your child is the other you.
May 2020 · 63
The deeper I go under the water
The more I have this impression that
I will never see the bottom
It exhausts me,
I get tired for no reason,
I sleep and wake up tired,
No romance
No trouble,
Just tired.
I am tired of life,
it's not ending.
Everything fatigues me for no reason
Tired, Tired. I am so tired.
May 2020 · 166
I have my own hurts and deceptions,
But yet here I am,
Here standing strong breaking the chains
Of my ancestors and of my generation
In my dreams and in every steps
I make,
The Unconventional voice of mine,
Shall accomplish the greatness my mother sees in me,
The Greatness which ones frightens me will be reached,
It's at Sight,
Every Step I take, and have taken towards healing my wounds, and the wounds of my lineage, is bringing me closer
To the deliverance I seek,
Every trip I embark in,
Every new place
Break our limits,
Every prayer and Blessing I utter,
Heal our wounds and Set us
For new skies!
May 2020 · 46
Back to my land
This feeling that only Rodrigues is able to bring into me
It just feels home
Home, home and home
Is there any other word to depict what,
Rodrigues means to mean,
Less hurtful are the memories of my late mother.
I feel safe, like a fish in its pond.
Onto my safeland.
Where my culture and friends nurtured my
Early reality,
Family everywhere, even the strangers feel like family.
My safe-land, where the memories are sweet to my soul.
Back home
Apr 2020 · 70
Here we are again, creating new memories
Memories that tomorrow we'll cherish,
Memories onto which we might shed tears someday,
Again and again
On and on
As if nothing can do us apart.
Neither our madness nor our darkness have nor shall do us apart,
Again and again,
We shall mingle and be one,
Like some drug addicts,
Addicted to the way we make each other feel.
Mar 2020 · 50
Too many voices have their say over us,
Until it was you and them,
And no longer You and I,
So I quit,
I walked the farthest I could of you and them,
So, that the dark clouds and their hateful jealous noises could no longer reach me.
Now, I am free again.
Free too reach another peak,
Ready to fly with another dove...
Dec 2019 · 89
Dear Mother
The wind blows the silence of your absence
A void that I will keep for life
The wounds of your departure are fading
Scars blurring
A battle of the lost
But beautiful memories frozen forever in our souls,
Our souls shall rejoin again over time,
Our smiles meet and forever they stay,
Your tenderness calms me and your love cares for me with each step I take.
A look to the sky, the hope of a certain meeting at sight.
Dec 2019 · 60
I guess there is nothing more beautiful
And exquisitely melting in the mind
Than to be possessed
By a man whom
You burn of desire for
Who pursues you
Who nurtures
Every inch
Of your body
And your spirit
Whispering to you,
"I am taking care of your body!"
Nov 2019 · 214
I write
I hope life treats you good,
That the breeze brings freshness to your life,
That the sight of the sea brings hope to your path,
I am still locked up in my "The God of Small Things" phase of Anita Desai,
While I am still managing the elements to run off the "Bell Jar" of my beloved Sylvia Plath,
Running through some empowering verse of Maya Angelou,
Admiring the path of James Baldwin,
I am looking forward to be writing my own Greatness Book.
Some great minds shall forever remain unseizable just have a look.
Nov 2019 · 266
Trapped into you for years now
Emprisoned in a series of apparitions and disparitions only fate can forecast
Set me free, set me free
But it shall never be!
Encaged peacock me.
Sep 2019 · 209
I needed to inhale
And exhale
In order
For me not to suffocate
Into this dark flowery pit
Which is life...
Sep 2019 · 169
Dear Mother no sadness is left
I healed from your absence
In my hardship the second thought
Of if you were here things might have been different prevails,
But I healed,
Acceptance of your departure
Delivered me from the wrath
Of fate,
I lived your death anniversary
Like a normal day
I fixed the sea and now count the days
Surely the years,
To rejoin you,
On the other side!
Sep 2019 · 79
Mr Racist
I cross you today
You were bitter and ugly
Only the suit alone gave you some allure
Mr Racist you are earth bound
I realised as I look at the sky right now
That you are lower than the Stars
That shine bright in the sky
You're like a dot in the dark
While my "Star" is up there
Can you see in the Sky
And this you can't reach it,
You can't prevent my Big Star from shining
You can't prevent what God has created me to be to come to pass,
Mr Racist you little dot in the dark,
Watch my Star shine
Watch my Star shine bright like a diamond
In this beautiful sky which
You shall never reach
For you are an earth bound sore!
Sep 2019 · 200
Volcanic me
I am a silenced volcano
Not even dormant
For my magma is still bubbling and boiling
Actively in my midst
I have some dormant brothers and sisters in America, Africa and all over this world
My thick walls and crater
Are just getting prepared for my great day
We'll all speak and voice out
Where true Dominance lies
Tic - toc, tickle me not!
Sep 2019 · 72
This kind of Love
I knew only your arms could carry,
The imperfections of mine!
Sep 2019 · 137
Another Perspective
This is a Kaleidoscopic view
Whereby life is providing to me
The perspective that
Things needed to fall apart
In order for me to see,
The missing part of the jigsaw,
For me to grab it
And put it in the midst
Where it was missing!!!
Life, Life...
Teach me, crush me,
Destroy me.
But I'll still be standing!
I was born to overcome and to overtake
The waterfalls...
Aug 2019 · 106
You hurt me only because
I allowed you
Aug 2019 · 439
You are Unique
Your uniqueness is
Your voice
Your power
Your footprint on planet Earth!
Exploit it
Love it
Value it
I'm Unique
So You are!
Jul 2019 · 249
It is 11:11 a.m on my time clock
Memories left on my brain lock
If I could emprison you with a iron lock
It might not be a shock, I put an end to my breathe - No
For this love I birth for you is like a rock

Gushing tears,
Hands pressed on my mouth so not even the devil can't hear me, so he can't laugh at me,
Neither the strength to say, "God help me!"

My heart is just on a death - knock!!!
Jul 2019 · 121
We are two screens away from each other,
I am already melting at the thought of having you this close,
My spirit is high, transmuted in the momentum of us making one,
My spirit eagerly waiting to have a call from you...
I added my crish on facebook but we not talking nor chatting yet since our first meeting this explains the poem
Jul 2019 · 288
I wish I could keep you to love you more,
I wish I could keep you to touch you more,
I wish I could keep you to be under your spell more,
I wish I could keep you so we would lovemake some more,
I wish I could keep you so we travel the milky way some more together,
My wishes when it comes to you are limitless,
More of you is all I wish...
Jul 2019 · 312
Why I could not settle
Them leaving my life or I walking out of their lives was not the end,
You entering it was just another

Your kindness heals me,
Your caring soothes me,
You making one with me embellishes me....

My healing!
May 2019 · 140
What was your best time of the day?
             Now, with you at the end of the line...
Mar 2019 · 261
I know that we left the level of making one,
       In order to rejoin this level of just being
Mar 2019 · 262
My Shift
My comfort zone has evolved
My dynamic has altered
My air has renewed
My pace is skyrocketing
My goals are reached
Can't you see?
It's my shift
My skin looks better
They say my hair is thicker
That my skin is softer
That the girl gave place
To the woman
It's my shift
When my world gets wider
And my dreams draw closer
The whole Universe is speaking
"Clarencine shift!"
The 9 in the 2019
Is now giving birth to the greatness in
My Daughter's name shall be "Bloom"
And the meaning of my name
Shall stay "clarity"
And God says
You are the light of this world
The Salt of this Earth
Fearfully and Wonderfully made
Fully stepping into
Dec 2018 · 189
Stand strong, splash in the streams
Of water like a flash,
Letting it wash
Your pain
Like it has never been
Queen of Victory
Arise, Reign and Conquer
For New territories
And horizons
Are at sight
Apr 2018 · 510
Opportunistic One
Am not of the mass
As A Leader
Why being opportunist shall be bad?
Because I want to aim high?
Am not of the colours of the rainbow!
I am a Golden star way high...
The commoner will see an opportunist as a bad one
But an opportunist is one who seize every occasions and path for him to ascend...
While you one of the big crowd aims at being politically correct in the eyes in which you can't even shine.
I am a mountain High
To be the Star I was born to be.
Feb 2018 · 646
Maya "A Pride"
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.
                                        Maya Angelo
And here I am, born on a little lovely island
Seizing every single opportunity that pops
by, as I learn that I am one of the embodiment
of the Dreams and the Hopes of some
thousands female slaves... In contrast to
Maya, I will not use "the slave", but I
will rather say some thousands female
Who found themselves under the yoke of
slavery... Finding themselves chained,
beaten, *****, killed, abused, hurt, denied
of their rights and freedom. Me, I rise, I rise
full of pride of who I am, coloured, melting
in the multi-cultural *** or Republic... Affirming
myself aloud with vehemence, I rise. Showing my
curls, and ***** hair, wearing my simples dress.
Accepting my curves, I rise... With humility,
following the purpose that God has laid in me!
I rise... As for now the voice of Maya reading
this poem shall always and till the day I die
resound in my heart, spread through my veins,
giving vigour to my every *****, "I AM THE
Feb 2018 · 127
U My Temptation
We kind of like get to know each other
By a wonderful hazard just like only
Heaven could have arranged it, Only
few steps side by side was enough to make
my heart go high, and my star shine bright
And my desires without borders, feeling a
love without measure...
See I am kind of like be tempted
Each time I kind of like come across you
Each time I kind of Like get to see you
Each time we kind of like be in the
same room
Walk and walk some more steps with me
Shall you never let me go, shall you never
let me fall,
Walk and walk some more steps with me
Shall the dream be ongoing, and our stars keep
on shining...
Jan 2018 · 474
Each tear that I drop
In my misery, reminds me
of the lost of my Mother.
Making me feel even more
miserable than I could ever be...
Jan 2018 · 175
What is your power?
My knowledge is my power!
And yours?
Dec 2017 · 501
Isn't life an exploration process!
I felt like the Universe demands me to explore it
Every atom made that could be.
And I am going to explore every
and Death
With tremendous Love and Passion only
For who are we here humans
Just pilgrims
Of passage
Here on this earth
Only here for Day, Months and A bunch of Years
So Tell me to Explore
And I will reply to You
To Explore this Life as well
To live it Deep
With Love, Calmness and Patience
Explore with Love!
Dec 2017 · 96
At times, I feel haunted
Depressed, sad, up and down together
It’s like being haunted by some ghosts around me that cannot be seen
Except in my dreams or that I can hear only when the clock reaches midnight
I feel unhappy
At times careless too
All the feelings inside of me looks like choked in my throat so
I cannot breathe properly, nor rest, nor live
Have all these turned artificial to me?
For how long?
Too many rhetoric
And my sight only rest on the grey sky
The blue one does not seem to arrive yet!
Dec 2017 · 103
Who says that you have to be
A singer, a writer or a poet
In order for you to be an artist
I believe that every human beings
Are artists and the platform onto
which they perform are their
daily lives, with their audiences being
their relatives, their partners and
co-workers, friends, parents and
whoever they rub with on a daily basis.
So here we go artists, trying to perform
properly, correctly, in a way so as not
to deceive our audiences, trying to fit
in, trying to meet their expectations of us,
Accepted is what we want to be, like the
others, yet not all of us will be of the normal
artists, some of the different ones, you might
be born handicapped, sick, or just different,
and this according to your audience, but
don't let their expectations define you, don't
let their acceptable norms direct you. For
as long as you are not harming whoever, you have
to perform your own happy life too. Even if you
have to lose some audiences!
Dec 2017 · 146
I am a dictator in the soul,

Can't you see the danger
in me!

I am extreme in my actions,

So you better be on your

Full of pride I march

Wait, Watch and See

For I am about to do

Only what pleases me  

Full of Myself I stand

Doing things my own

Making the rules, in my
own land

Building the kingdom
of my imagination

Little and Dreamy boy
juggling with power,

Blindsided, and scorn.

So am I,

A Dictator!
Dec 2017 · 252
Troubled Woman
I am a troubled woman
Sitting on a black chair
Drawing some strategies on the map of my life
Moving some pawns
From dark spots to white spots
From white corners to dark corners
Giving orders subtly to my credulous pawns
And I suddenly take the shape of a Baphomet
Making them do what contributes to my kingdom
I little mermaid Queen called Bahin Ji in my dreams
Is to execute these strategies
For I woman on my black chair
Can't allow my little self to fail
For the dream is too big
And the sky so high
And my beloved mother so down in her grave
So the moves need to be the right
Dark brain, sly mind
I advance and reign on my little plot of Land!
Nov 2017 · 710
My Man
The sound of your voice softens the turmoil of my heart,
you clear away the tempest in my mind,
   you are my remedy,
the salvation of
my soul.
Nov 2017 · 230
For here I sat for a short while,
Writing few words about what is going on
Across my mind, thoughts of love about
How my lover came to visit me yesterday
And all he had to give me, was a tsunami
Of tender love into which I drown myself
Under his control, just wanting to get lost
In a safe hand, that I had not known since the
Departure of my beloved Mother Jeanine!
Maybe, the invisible hands of God, which I
Strongly believed have had my back, since
Life made that I am some miles afar my
Beloved Family, for some on the same land
That today I am seems to have forgotten all
The meaning and sense of “Unity and same
Blood”. So, here I sat, behind a friend’s laptop
Screen writing the thoughts that are running
Across the channels of my brain… I am envisioning
Myself laying on a beach Isolated by type, and
Enjoying A soft sand on my skin, Loving my Life,
feeling that a day at the beach for me can
Only be a good one…
Nov 2017 · 228
Intelligence is an art of living that makes us blossom as a free and emancipated individual, who even exceeds the freedom of the body and joins the freedom of the mind!
Oct 2017 · 226
For these are the worst days of my life
When I feel that I am on fire and that
There is the Urgency of treating some
Issues and that nothing is done, I sinner
Would sit on the mat in front of my bed
Do a Rosary and feel that it is a sort of
Atonement of my Sins by God, for my
Reason or my Stupidity commands me
That every evil or good that I would do
There shall be some Rewards, So I
lay on this mat and filled with the
Horror of the situation, would feel
Like it's my condemnation, that it won't
Be long, Sad, Remorseful, feeling ugly
And Ludicrous would feel like I am
Participating to a kind of passion of
Christ, for the humiliation feel so
Oct 2017 · 238
Letter for A
I realised after bouncing back that
It was too beautiful to be true
Too wonderful to last, so I sighed
The only thing I could do when you ended
All that made US, All that made you and I
So, Only the nice pictures left, the pain feels
lighter, a little pinch in my heart is still here
But still more bearable and manageable now
It appealed so much like the "it  was meant to be"
The thing now was that, I hit a stage when I know
my worth and the reason why I could not insist was
that I was very much ready for someone who wants
To hold on to me, who is ready to receive all that
I could give, you were not ready, or wanted a pretense of
I cherished  this whole experience, of finally hitting
somebody that completes me, embellishes me, doing
everything to complete my happiness, I might be
writing these few words, so that in two or three years
these would be the words of, how I am feeling now
on this bizarre but still wonderful 1st of October so
You gave me joy and peace, and the very experience
only true lovers can go through, when midnight hits
And it's all I can take, the good and the great, how
could I take a piece of the cake that I am used to eat
So, I walk away, I would not have given my friendship
To whom removes me, the so unique love I so asked
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