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Clare Nov 2014
i once believed that i was flying,
dancing across the night sky in a gown made of silken songs
beautiful ribbons dripping with golden memories
the second star never shone so bright,
my Neverland was on the tip of my tongue
the resolving note of an airy melody,
my fingers nearly tripping over themselves in a rush to find it
for a fleeting moment the world was saccharine
enveloped in the bleary morning light
eyes not yet adjusted, heart not yet steeled
for the harsh light of day
i almost found my Neverland
it was much darker
than i had once believed.
Clare Sep 2014
I just felt the rain on my bare skin.
I felt my bones rattling in my body,
chilled by the night sky.
I've heard the crack of thunder
as frequently as I've gone to the cinema,
and I've seen lightning seep in through my windows
to remind me what day of the month it is.
But the rain,
those bittersweet tears,
I haven't felt that in God knows how long.
Clare Aug 2014
Nineteen, I'm turning nineteen on Monday.
Eighteen, the birthday I knew I was in love with you.
Seventeen, we spent the night drinking tequila and skinny dipping.
Sixteen of my poems are about you.
Fifteen, the year I didn't see you in the shadow of someone else.
Fourteen, the day I left.
Thirteen, the times we've spoken in the past 6 months.
Twelve photos of us together.
Eleven more of you.
Ten, it's around this time I start to miss you.
Nine songs reminding me of you.
Eight notes humming your name.
Seven hundred and sixty
Six miles from you to me.
Five times I've cried in your car,
Four not knowing that there would be
Three words that I couldn't say, because you stayed
Two minutes, when I needed
One hour; alone with you.

Nineteen, I'm turning nineteen on Monday.
And for the first time in four years, you won't be there.
Clare Jun 2014
It’s 3:40 AM
I can’t feel my hands
I’m still thinking
how your skin would feel
the tips of my fingers.
Clare Jun 2014
and if i could,
i’d change everything for you.
because you’re the center of my universe.
and even when i can’t feel my tongue toes or fingers,
i can still feel you.
Clare Apr 2014
the thought of him falling for a girl
who doesn't see the sun rise
when she looks in his eyes
or feel galaxies forming underneath his fingertips
when he holds her while she cries
***** the air right out of my lungs.
because there is an entire universe inside of that boy,
and he deserves someone who sees it.
Clare Mar 2014
i sang on friday night.
and i was terrified.
and i was sad.

so i taped your picture in my notebook.
and i looked at it when i forgot the words.
and i pretended you were there.

it's been so long since i've seen your face.
and i can't remember the sound of your voice.
and i don't even dream of you anymore.

but still, i sang on friday night.
and it was wonderful.
and it was all for you.
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