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Claire Ellen Jan 2017
You, I've dreamed of you
but your more than man of my dreams,
your truth.
I've thought of you before,
because I've thought of who my husband might be.
You make me forget:
   The pain of my life,
   The pain I've caused.
    The past I'm leaving behind.
Completely free to be with you
   AND find myself??
That's how I've always wanted to imagine,
Claire Ellen Jan 2017
There is something so primal about our naked skin,
touching, rubbing, skimming, soaking, together.
You are wonderful to behold and intimate to the touch.
Our bodies awaken, in an unspoken deep way,
and soon become one.
Never will I stop believing that you will fight for me,
and never will I stop believing you'll make it to me.
You're my Tarzan, your my hunter and you're 100% all man.
As if I were Jane:
You long for adventure,
as I do.
Instead of adventure "out there" we
    explore each others bodies as wildernesses of their own;
    follow instinct to each others hearts,
    and chase at the outdoors with our souls touching-
yet searching for more in each other.
I will always be brave and driven;
    No damsel in distress.
But a damsel wanting to be seen and sought...
Fight for me?
While I fight right next to you, for you.
You are mind and earths to hunt.
Chasing, hunting, fighting, for, with and toward one another,
is the feeling that lets me know you're meant for me.
Claire Ellen Jan 2017
You chose me
You saw and pursued me.
you wanted and held on and got me.
You didn't catch my eye with nice cars,
   nor showing off your muscles.
You didn't force me or pressure me.
You simply gained my trust.
You swooped down and showed me my truest self.
You accepted and stood for me.
    Although, you didn't fight MY battles,
    But gave me strength and courage.
Claire Ellen Jan 2017
My eyes drop with the sleepiness the day has left me with.
My mind is as wake as the full bright moon.
Running and turning and reviewing empty thoughts.
I'm not stressed, nor confused, nor anxious,
I'm just simply awake.
Please, little eyes, close.
Busy brain, please, rest.
Beating heart, slow, please.
All I want is to just let go.
Claire Ellen Jan 2017
My memory is coming back
the muscles are weary but still strong and memorized.
Nothing has changed really...
Accept, everything.
I love with happiness and trust.
I want  with longing and fulfillment.
I see with clarity and depth.
Writing poetry from my inner-self
     with no fear of what may come out,
those are the weary but strong muscles,
and you are the loved wanted and seen thing,
myself won't stop thing about.
Claire Ellen Jan 2017
It is a strange thing when
I feel I want to be your biggest strength.
I'd love to be the smile on your face
and the warm glow on your skin
because I also want to be your greatest weakness.
I want to bring you to your knee,
I'd love to be the thing that distracts you at work
and most of all I'd want nothing less than to be yours.
Claire Ellen Jan 2017
The LORD made many things
they all make me stand in awe.
His creation created a mystery,
of who my future would be.
He gave me strength to make it through the struggles.
He gave you guidance to find me.
The LORD created the seasons, to give time for love.
Only GOD can paint the aspens yellow,
and only HE can think up the color in your eyes.
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