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When Poe leaves Kingdom and hails the sea
And absence wins to ecstasy
Seraphs dwindle in their clouds
Never minding Annabelle Lee.

When Cummings follows floating bells
And someones and everyones reap their tells,
spring winter autumn summer
the snow of children swells and swells.

When Rosetti ventures in the day,
and golden hair shows not one grey.
Sisters wander, sisters stray
And can't keep Goblin fruit away.

When Frost forgets to watch the trail
And takes the worn path most preferred.
Keeps walking til his footsteps fail
The leaves are trodden, black, stale,
The road not taken, undisturbed.

When I wonder what poets say
When they turn their truths away
And venture into the unknown,
Do they leave well enough, alone?
We could stay in this room for hours
Talking about everything and nothing
We could watch the stream and
forget our lives
Like we had forever to spend together
We could stop thinking about
what is to come
And relish in every moment before

We are masters of being in love -
But we will never be good at goodbyes.
One by one they come and go,
Well-wishes and farewells
Killing me deeper with each word and embrace
I am a warrior, I stand strong
But behind my sword and shield,
I weep.
Commencement of goals
One build to forge many more -
Let the fire begin!
Celebrating the building of my boyfriend's first forge
Wind gusts through darkening fields
Grant a somber chill to spoken words
Philosophy and inspiration are illustrated
through thrashing trees
Memories are carried in wisps
To land upon your lips,
Shared in whistling accompaniment.
I close my eyes against the burning
Listening to the song of nostalgia in your voice
My hair whips around my face and
I look up to meet your gaze -
We smile softly against the wind,
Sighing with content in your thoughts.
At the touch of love, some become writers.
I become the leader of a life more beautiful
     than words are worthy of
So that scribbled-out lines and torn pages
Are now my works of art
And moments of laughter and bliss
Are what I am proud to display -
     Reflections of my heart
as it now exists.
Our love is a tranquil song
Rising and falling in a sweet melody
The soft notes enfolding us
A slow dance
Turning, turning
A never-ending circle
The music of my dreams
This rhythm beats inside us
Our hearts keeping time
Let the music play on
It was suggested by a reader that I resubmit this one.
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