Anna Pavoncello Oct 2018
I haven't caused a pain that isn't
Caused -itself- by me.
Small worries vest and fester here,
But never breathe the air.

Oh! But how they follow me,
Come once, and then again.
They'd never matter, as they're said,
Refrained, they are unfair.

Forgone once! Forgone twice!
Oh how they grow in sway,
The words, withstood- Be that, they should!
Are they too much to bear?
Anna Pavoncello Aug 2017
When every worldly sense is severed,
When not a muscle moves,
When our consciousness relents;
                     I wonder - Who Are You?
The time which slides our every moral
And we cannot be untrue,
We have no will to restrict our strength
                     So I wonder - Who Are You?
In the time when nothing holds us back,
Just before we come to;
Is there someone else so far within-
                     That I must wonder - Who Are You?
Anna Pavoncello Oct 2016
Left again, I miss you so;
Sorry that you had to go.
A rolling stone, on back you'll come
Tenacious pain gone slack to numb.

I long for years too far ahead
When rose-colored glass has lost its red.
And love between us, strictly true
When time has let me to be with you.

Never broken, I wish we be.
And olden years do grant us see
I know our hearts, as strong as one,
Will bind us when this wait is done.
Not the best string of words, it's been too long since I've written!
Anna Pavoncello Apr 2016
No solace comes from solid walls,
No warmth from wooden floors
I feel no freedom from closing doors,
Nor life in well lit halls.
Great tumult comes from twisting trees
And sun makes shimmering snow.
No fences block my way to go,
And branches bear no broken leaves.

What life I leave with lives behind,
I'll miss in the land of weightless souls
They'll feel my warmth in flame-less coals,
And my loss will leave their hearts defined.
With my running brothers, I go,
And take no view behind my shoulder,
Yet, I'll watch them as they all grow older,
And await them with my joy in tow.
Anna Pavoncello Apr 2016
I feel no peace such as that
Which the stars provide me.
When whispers set my teeth on edge
And darkness strains my eyes.
When trees are skeletal against
The blue night skies,
The stars will stay my fright.
Music sometimes calms the storm,
Sometimes lasts the night.
But stars will envelop my very soul,
And make my fears forgotten.
Anna Pavoncello Sep 2015
When Poe leaves Kingdom and hails the sea
And absence wins to ecstasy
Seraphs dwindle in their clouds
Never minding Annabelle Lee.

When Cummings follows floating bells
And someones and everyones reap their tells,
spring winter autumn summer
the snow of children swells and swells.

When Rosetti ventures in the day,
and golden hair shows not one grey.
Sisters wander, sisters stray
And can't keep Goblin fruit away.

When Frost forgets to watch the trail
And takes the worn path most preferred.
Keeps walking til his footsteps fail
The leaves are trodden, black, stale,
The road not taken, undisturbed.

When I wonder what poets say
When they turn their truths away
And venture into the unknown,
Do they leave well enough, alone?
Anna Pavoncello Sep 2015
Rest in peace, my darling.
                            Sometimes I feel that we should wait.
                            Just a second, hesitate.
                            One more moment, contemplate,
                            The inevitable that is destined to us.
Rest in peace, my darling.
                            I wish I hadn't, Pain, invite
                            Freely in a fiery thought
                            A life anew, a love, ignite
                            In that first new friend I sought.
Rest in peace, my darling.
                            Before we plead and seal our fate,
                            Let memory briefly resonate.
                            On others, lost at last, too late.
                            To deter our hearts from another's future.
Rest in peace, my darling.
                          But then, I think no new regret
                          Could wish your existence never in mine.
                          For though there is pain, newly beset,
                          I cherish the happiness since whence we met.
Rest in peace forever, my darling.
My rhyme pattern is all over the place for this poem; I hope it doesn't bother anyone!
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