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Your shallow breathing sending jolts down my spine
As I glide my fingers over you.
Your tightening grip causing me to gasp for air.
I feel your emotion flowing through me.
The shame we once felt fades into nothingness
As I press hard against your lips; Oh the taste.
The others in our minds long ago forgotten,
Let us savor this moment of utter bliss.
These feelings locked inside,
Must have a chance to escape.
As I lay next to thee, it is as if hearts grew as a vine.

Solar rays from thou radiant beauty, doth bring me joy.
The thump of our hearts beating in sync

My breath is caught, my mind is racing.

Admiring her beauty, her cheecks burning red

I take her by the hand, her skin as soft as silk

The chirps and whistles of nature fade

The aroma of lavender engulfs my senses.

We lean in. We kiss. My heart skips.

Her lips are lucious cherries,

Her eyes begging for another.

We caress each other, birds flying above.

What is this feeling, is it love?
As I hold you in my arms, my heart flutters. My only wish, in the moments that we touch, is that you are mine and not another's.
Yet as we part, my heart droops and wilts until our next embrace. The minutes drift into hours of longing for a brush on the arm or a subtle smile from your beautiful face.
Your touch casts away my troubles, your smile banishes my sadness. Gazing into your eyes, my breath is gone, and I am lost.
I can not find my way back into reality. My thoughts stray from the tangible. I forget my name.
The only thing that matters in that moment, is the connection I sense, holding your hands in mine, peering into your soul through your gorgeous eyes.

— The End —