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Chris Mar 2016

I tried to count the minutes
but I ran out of time
So I’ll just write this poem,
forcing out a rhyme

When will it start to happen
just like I’ve heard them say
Will it begin tomorrow
or several months away

The emptiness keeps growing,
this pain within my heart
I can’t believe the ending,
remembering the start

I just can’t stop the crying,
my face now drenched in tears
Staring at a future
filled with lonely years

How does it become easy
when all I want to do
Is wake up every morning,
a sunny day with you

But now my days are cloudy,
the rain keeps falling down
Where once I wore a smile,
holds nothing but a frown

Every day is different,
though all are just the same
I stare off to the distance
calling out your name

They say it will get easier,
just wait and you will see
I don’t want to see anything
if you’re not here with me

Life now has no meaning,
darkness comes to call
Weakness is my shadow
on my knees I fall

I tried, but I can’t say that
my broken heart is fine
So I’ll just write this poem
forcing out a rhyme
Chris Feb 2016

*Only because
she touches my heart
in a way it has never been
touched before

Only because
she makes me smile
and I could never
ask for more

Only because
my life is filled
with all the love she
brings to me

Only because
she gives me strength
to be the man that
I can be

Only because
my every dream
of perfect love has
now come true

Only because
she looks in here
did I post this saying,
I love you
Hi there beautiful, I love you. :)
Chris Jan 2016

*I had never met love
until I met you
My world breathes
in your essence
and I know
I am alive
My heart beats
to the tempo
of your smile
Singing of
your beauty
for I know
without you
I am nothing
I will never be
anything more than
in love with you
and I would
have it no
other way
I had never met love until I met you
Chris Jan 2016
I’ve been walking this long hallway
for over a year
Reading the gilded framed
poems lining the walls,
verse after verse of
beautifully written words

I have made some good
friends along the way
Met some wonderful poets
who I have learned from
as well as learned to respect
and admire (watching far too many leave)
these meetings I will cherish

I have also crossed paths with a few
who didn’t care for me all that much,
hated my dreadful reviews, (blocked me for that)
misundertood my attempts at humor
or didn't appreciate the love poetry
I tried to slip in amongst the fighting,
but that’s okay, it takes all kinds

I've counted the masks worn,
there are more than two reasons
aren't there?
Some smiling, some not,
all there for their own reasons,
which it is not for me to judge
or anyone else, though that doesn't
seem to stop it from happening

Still little by little I have
headed towards a faint light
The soft glow at the far end
of this prose tiled floor
Each day the light became
a bit stronger, brighter
That tiny glowing square
in the distance
bigger and bigger

My shadow leading or following,
longer or shorter
depending on if I walk facing
forwards or backwards,
hop scotching over the hate,
sneaking past the accusations,
hiding from trolls (he found me anyway)
and the finger pointed whining,
hoping to pass go,
(you can keep the two hundred)

All the while sadly realizing
I am slowly becoming
smaller and smaller,
barely visible to others here
Disappearing a little more
with each passing day
Till now I am nothing more
than a forgotten minute speck
at the furthest end
of this meandering corridor

An insignificant silhouette
of a poet who once was,
now slowly fading
out through the opening
to stand in the bright sunlight
And as I refocus my eyes
to my new surroundings
I turn to wave goodbye
to what I so enjoyed
only to see a sign that reads…

*“Thanks for visiting Hellopoetry, whoever the hell you were”
To all of the wonderful people on here who have liked my poetry, I truly did appreciate your kindness. Thanks for everything...
Chris Jan 2016
Spring is not that far ahead,
yet the  sidewalks are empty
as a cold rain falls and I wander
alone, hands in my pockets,
my head hung low

Staring at the puddles,
as my reflection stares back,
between the constant ripples
and I don't recognize
the sorrowed face that I see

Winter touches everything,
dripping from awnings
of the places we used to share,
now closed and boarded up,
empty like my heart

But still I keep walking
nowhere to be,
no one who wants me,
nothing to look forward to
as hope is now frozen

Spring is not that far ahead
though I will not find it
for winter is me and my world
will forever be cold without
the warmth of your love
Chris Jan 2016

*There used to be
so many thoughts
that rolled across
my mind

But ever since
I met you there's
just one thought
that I find

It matters not
where I am at
or things that I
may view

For every thought
my mind does think
are always thoughts
of you
I can't stop thinking about you
Chris Jan 2016

Happy New Year to everyone on Hello Poetry
Thank you for all of the kindness you have shown me in 2015, you have brought so many smiles to me that thank you just doesn’t seem enough. I hope that I have been able to show you at least as much kindness as you have shown me, I know I have tried.
My wish is that every one of you wonderful poets find every happiness you could ever imagine in the coming year. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing group of writers and to have the ability to call many of you friends.

Here’s to the best poetic year ever.  

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