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cheryl love Jul 2018
Trying to find happiness
and i have searched high and low
and at last I have found it
it  has been with me, everywhere  I go.

Searching, always wondering
where my good feelings lay
but now they have been found
I can smile once more any time of the day.
cheryl love Jul 2018
The waves rush to the shore
back and forth for more and more
refreshing pebbles foaming stones
bits of old wood and fish bone
vacant shells rushing out to sea
to claim their lodger back for free
a pier covered in seaweed bright green
wood supporting the test of time as seen
rushing, the tide rushing forever more
back and forth to cleanse the shore
cheryl love May 2018
A perffume fills your world
as you approach the wood
A blanket of blue before your eyes
drapes like no other could
Bells bow their heads
worshipping their space
fairies like newly weds
have huge smiles on their face
Roots from giant trees
guard their ground
dappled light from the leaves
bluebells are there to be found.
Often they are white
or sometimes pink
amongst lavenders and lilacs
making the blue think.
cheryl love Dec 2017
She was indeed an Angel
and she had wings
She brought good to all
and always did nice things.
cheryl love Dec 2017
Santa thought he’d repair his damaged sleigh.
He was exhaused on this special day
the snow was thick and falling
The reindeer understood he was calling
At top speed he shot off into the sky and away.

He pleaded to stop until he was blue in the face
Because the reindeer were in a competitive race
Santa repeatedly hit the deck
Now he’s a minute speck
As he has shot off to outer space.
cheryl love Dec 2017
The bird was sobbing
all for show
tears meant worms
bit of a blow
but one must live
The camera said cry
he wanted to fly
his feet kicked snow
in a temper
he wanted to stuff
the camera somewhere else
he'd had enough
his chest was plump
red as a rose
he decided to dump
the camera in ice
it froze.
he whistled
he flew away
what more can he say.
cheryl love Dec 2017
This little Christmas Fairy
woke by the light of the silvery moon
when the crystalised cobwebs
started to defrost.
When the snail's trail thawed
on the snowy post.
When the spider's legs snapped free
of the lacy doiley hanging
She brushed her tiny teeth
with a thistle head
using minty sap from the spearmint
her face was washed with a damp petal
carefully cleaning her cheeks
and polishing her nose.
Her hair was raked with a holly leaf
and windswept when the wind blows.
Her dress was a clover head
plonked on her hair
and Santa approved.
He was in rather a jolly mood
he needed help of course
with boarding the sleigh
being a bit stuffed with mince pies
and the odd glass of stout.
well say odd meaning several.
He beckoned the Fairy to assist
he remembered his list
of toys for the girls
and the boys
and the parents
and himself.
A clank by his feet reminded him
to give the deers their boost
an old ****** biscuit did the trick
Dancer was in fact sick
of the very idea.
He rather fancied cheese
to fill his tum
Rudoph preferred sherry
the more  he drank the more merry
he did not know why
he did try
once leaving it off
but he developed a cough
so went back on it
the sleigh reversed
slamming into the gear called first
it sped off into the milky way
for half the **** day
it got to its drop
with an abrupt stop
a scream and a shout
the toys popped out
and off they went again
speeding down a lane
no speed no gain
led by a reindeer that was scary
a Santa and a Christmas Fairy.
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